the good stuff

what i am thankful for, i am thankful for friends, family, food, blankets, houses, sunshine, school, books, music, cars,

i have listed some things i am grateful for now i am going to talk about each one why i am grateful for each one

friends, if you choose the right friends they can help you and be there for you.

family, becasue they are usually the one person that will allways be there for you

food, some countries who dont have much food to eat is just sad because starving isnt the funnest thing and if you go to long without eating you could die

blankets, because when your cold they keep you warm when you are cold.

houses, because then you have a place you can go to and dont have live outside.

sunshine, usualy sunshine is a lot of peoples favorite thing without sunshine it would be dark, people would get depressed because the sun produces off something everybody needs to be happy called dopamine.

school, techers put in a lot of time and effort to give students the education they need without tecahers students wouldnt have a very good education.

books, they are great because if your bored and dont know what to do you can get out a book and read it and it will take you into other dimentions into other worlds, if it is a good book

music, it is usually what a lot of people use to calm them selves down i use it for calming me down during doing homework.

cars, it wouldnt be fun to have to walk everywhere becasue you dont have a vehickle to go somewhere in. for the people who have to walk everywhere it sucks trust me my aunt and uncle on my moms side of the family dont have a car so when they wwant to go somewhere they have to walk to get there cold or not.

that is only a few of things i am grateful for i didnt have much time to put everything i am grateful for

everybody was finally equal

the story relates to people being punished for their talents and abilitys people do that now days too in school when other people are smarter they make fun of them, in sports when someone is really good the other team finds a way to take them out of the game by giving them a concussion hurting them so that they have to get out of the game or if they cant hurt that specific person or take that person out of the game then they do everything so that they cant socre or make points in other words keep them form winning the game. some people do get punished for being exceptional well i wouldnt call it being punished but other students/people will make fun of you if you are better than them at something. i didnt like the story because people got things that would make them stupid or weak so that everyone could be equal which in my opinion really sucks.

dont  judge people for who they are.

free write

the book i am currently reading is called fablehaven book 1 when i first started about 2 weeks ago i read the first chapter and after reading the first chapter i knew right away that it was going to be a good book. i am on page # 260 so far from haw far i am already i can make a gues that all the rest of the books in the serie are going to be good not only that but all  of the books he has wrote sometime it akes me along time to get into a good book but 2 weeks ago i saw the book fablehaven and i thought i would just give it a try and i got right into it after the first chapter. so for all of those people who havnt read it i would recommend it as a top choice over alot of books i dont know all of the series he has wrote but i am going to try to find all of the books he has wrote and give them all a try. i have had friends recommend this book before but then i searched it up and it looked dumb but once i gave it a try i regret even having that thought that it looked dumb becasue it isnt so maybe the saying dont judge a book by it cover isnt such a bad saying after all.

whats this got to do with me

one time i was very excited to get something new at the store but when i went to go they only had one of what i was going to get but someone grabbed it right before i could grab it. it made me mad because this fefers to something very similar to billy weaver becasue he was excited to get this new job and then he got taxydermied i can refer to how he felt because he was so excited to get a job, just like i was excited to get this new thing at the store, but it didnt work for billy weaver just like it didnt work for me.




the story of an hour – online disscussion

part 1

i didnt like this story because it is sad to me how brently mallard died i  the begining of the story by train and then in the end of the story he is alive??? i dont like what happened to louise becasue when she heard the info of her husband being dead she was sad but also happy becasue she knew with her husband being dead that she would be free. All the way throught the story it talked about how happy she was to hear that her husband was dead not happy that he was dead but happy that he was dead because no she was free and that is all that she wanted was to be free, and then in the end when she heard someone knocking on the door she opened and it was brently mallard she was shocked to see that he was still alive so shocked that it gave her a heart attack. I dont like how the author did that like a trick becasue mrs mallard thought that brently mallard was dead and then in the end he was still alive mrs mallard probably would have lived longer and wouldnt have died so soon. life back then for women was really harsh because they didnt get to vote or make any freedom they couldnt make as many choices and there husbands were in charge of them. so i understand why mrs mallard was so happy to hear that brently mallard died becasuse now she is free.

part 2


  • it says in the story that brently mallard came back at the end of the story and mrs mallard died of shock
  • it is sad that she drops dead for seeing her husband alive when we were told to believe that he died by train and was supposed to be dead


  • it says that in the story her husband dies by train in the beginning and it confuses me how did he come back in the end of the story ?
  • it also mentions mrs mallard having heart trouble, it makes me wonder what caused her to have the heart trouble?


  • i think it is pretty sad that brently mallard died in the beginning when it mentioned that he died by train i dont like that but i like how the author uses his craft to have him alive in the end of the story  i think the author did a good job in using his craft but i dont like how he died in the beginning and then is alive again in the end of the story


half an hour



1% gains and small improvements

i could start thinking of a job now so that in the long run i could already have an idea for what i want to do i could on the interenet and start looking at some jobs that would be interesting and write them down in my journal it might also be helpful to write down a few so that i can choose from more than one idea. it would make it easier so that i in 4-5 years i can have a basic idea what i want to do.

i can use figurative language

15-year-old Jacob went into the garage to retrieve his bike to ride to a halloween party  but discovered the front tire was flat. Running late, he thought of the next best way to get to the party as he was looking around he noticed his sisters bike and hopped on his sister’s bicycle and pedaled toward his friend’s house. He turned down the lonely side street skirting the woods that he and his friends used as a short-cut through town. He shrugged off the creepy feeling someone was watching him as he neared the darkest part of the street and sped through as fast as he could. He arrived at the party and stayed until 10 pm. On the way home, he considered not using the shortcut, but he needed to study for a math test and wanted to get home as fast as possible. He started down the narrow lane when he noticed someone was in the middle of the street. It must be some kid from the party taking the shortcut home. Jacob slowed down as he drew closer. The figure turned around. An ugly twisted gnarly face glowered at him. Jacob slammed on brakes intent on turning around when a heavy chain rattled through the air. He turned just as the chain slammed into his head, wrapping around his neck. “Got you!” the wicked voice boomed as Jacob felt himself falling to the ground. The monster being stood over him with blood dripping from its lips, the monter/goblin  lookeed a lot like someone he knew Jacob thought to himself,it was really weird because the monster/goblin was a monser and had a lot of huan like featues but Jacob could assure it wasnt a human. “Thought you’d never come back this way, boy, said the monster, Glad you decided to take the shortcut home!” Jacob’s sister’s bicycle was found in the middle of the side street. Drag marks were determined made by the killer dragging Jacob’s body off the road. The police discovered Jacob’s body drained of all blood only a few feet from the street. weeks after this scene His killer was noticed as The Halloween Vampire. To this day, no one travels down that side street, especially at night.

what i’m doing right and what i can still do better

i have been doing pretty well in this class i have been turning on assignments on time and i have been working diligently every time. i cant really think of something i can improve on. i like this class how it is that there are fewer people and in my opinion you can learn more with fewer people. i like how we do our assignments that there not very big assignments like other english classes have really big assignments and i hate big assignents but this class has really easy and short assignments. i think this is the best english class in the whole school.

who i am as a writer?

when i first staarted writing I wasnt that good like you here the saying that says pactice makes perfection, well thats how it was for me when I started writing, and as I have written more I have gotten better and better. I am good at writing some stories (if I am in the right mood). I set a goal in 6th grade where I was going to start writng books and since 6th grade I have been practing and I have started making rough drafts for books but I havn’t completed or started a full book yet. summarization is kind of been a struggle for me for a long time so that is something that i would like to be better at.

thanks for reading my post

book review extra credit

hi i am Jacob Bennion and for the extra credit assighnment i will be doing harry potter and the sourcers stone

“Turning the envelope over, his hand trembling, Harry saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounding a large letter ‘H’.”

Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle. Then, on Harry’s eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An incredible adventure is about to begin! to be able to find out more you will have to read the rest of the book.