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the book i am currently reading is called fablehaven book 1 when i first started about 2 weeks ago i read the first chapter and after reading the first chapter i knew right away that it was going to be a good book. i am on page # 260 so far from haw far i am already i can make a gues that all the rest of the books in the serie are going to be good not only that but allĀ  of the books he has wrote sometime it akes me along time to get into a good book but 2 weeks ago i saw the book fablehaven and i thought i would just give it a try and i got right into it after the first chapter. so for all of those people who havnt read it i would recommend it as a top choice over alot of books i dont know all of the series he has wrote but i am going to try to find all of the books he has wrote and give them all a try. i have had friends recommend this book before but then i searched it up and it looked dumb but once i gave it a try i regret even having that thought that it looked dumb becasue it isnt so maybe the saying dont judge a book by it cover isnt such a bad saying after all.

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