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S.I.P.S #1

I learned all about the wiring of a drone because I plan on building a drone. I learned about different types of wires such as Multi-Stranded Wires and how Silicon wires are the best kind of insulator for the drone. I also learned all about thinner wires and loner wires usually mean there’s more resistance but resistance isn’t good because they could cause a voltage drop which plugs most of the circuit and it delivers less power. I also learned how when drawing more current from a wire the resistance will cause it to heat up and depending on the material surrounding the wire it could literally melt the wire.

I plan on finish studying up on the wiring of it and polish that up. Then I might and go out and buy some of the material for it over the weekend. This is what I plan on over the next week until our next SIPS.

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My SIPS Pitch!

  • 1) I plan on doing my SIPS project on combining aerodynamics and robotics those both interested me and what came to mind when I thought of those two were drones and I think drones are really cool and I think it would be even cooler if i could make a drone
  • 2)  My guiding questions would be 1. How am I gonna control the drone. 2. How will I provide electricity to the drone. 3. How will the circuitry work for the drone.
  • 3) My project would be to make my own drone. I feel like this can Inspire other people to be able to think outside the box and create what ever they want and  I feel like I can educate others on how robotics and aerodynamics work.
  • 4)  I feel like my dad and uncle could help me because my dad is really good and making things and my uncle knows all about aerodynamics because he pilots helicopters and knows how to fix them.
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Fahrenheit 451 Post

Montag wonders about the world and all the poor inhabitants of it and feels guilty and tries to accuse Mildred of not feeling guilty and not caring about the world. He isn’t just accusing her though he could be accusing people in his country for being rich and wealthy and not contributing to the poor. When Mildred asks him about reading these books she just starts getting mad at him about why they should read these books and why they should even care because if anyone else found out they would be in loads of trouble, but Montag just dismisses it and talks to her about how the world could change with these books and how they could change them. She simply dismisses it. Montag tried to get Fabor to help him with the book he stole from captain Beatty. He needed Fabor to see the book to ask him if there was away to get his world back to the way it was from

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Project Zeus 4/28/17

Hey it’s me again and I just finished up my seventh and eight chapter. I finished my seventh back at home and finished my eight here in class. Now knowing the date our projects are due I now will start getting more work done and home in order to finish on time because I plan on having about seven more chapters. So at home I plan on working on my ninth and tenth chapter. At school I plan on finishing those and maybe finishing an eleventh an starting a twelfth. I also found a few more sights about character dialogue, but I felt like I was strong enough to do it on my own. This is what I did and what I plan to do.

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Project Zeus 4/14/17

Today I got a lot done. I finished my sixth and seventh chapter and I have started my eighth. I think I’ve got down most of what to do to write a book, so I didn’t go over my resources today. I also think I might start working on my project a little more at home so I can get more done. I feel like I could accomplish more If I did my project at home and school. I plan to get going on my eighth and ninth chapter. At home I will try to get my tenth and eleventh chapter done too. I will report back on my blog about what I get done at home if I do get anything done and home. This is what I accomplished today and what I plan to do next time.

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Fahrenheit 451 response 4/12/17

Is Freedom more important than safety?

Well in my opinion I think it would be more important to have you rights and your ability to do what you want with a consequence than be locked up and completely safe. If we have our freedom to do what ever we want we could be safe and not have to worry about having to be locked up in a cage safe from all danger. On page 39 of Fahrenheit 451 the Old women refuses to leave her books and is left inside the burning house. If she had her freedom to simply keep those books and not have to worry about people coming over to her house at night and burning it down. If she had that freedom she could’ve been kept safe from the fire that consumed her house and everything inside it. In Fahrenheit 451 peoples homes are burned down to the ground because they have books. Freedom is defined as “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint” Meaning we have the right to do whatever we want, but with a consequence. There are laws set up to keep us from harming other people and there rights to do whatever they want. These keep us safe from danger and keep us safe. In Fahrenheit 451 they set up laws that takes away other people’s freedom and puts them in harms way. Although safety is a very important subject we want to keep others safe and out of harms way. On page 36 and 37 it says “You weren’t hurting anyone you were only hurting things! And things really couldn’t be hurt, since they felt nothing,” this is true, but when you hurt the things that people love your hurting there freedom to love that thing and our getting in the way of their safety when you hurt the thing. Hurting things is like hurting people in a way. You hurt the things they love and care about which to them could mean hurting something like a living thing. You are taking away their freedom to love this thing when you destroy such as the old women’s love for her books on page 38 when she says “you can’t ever have my books.” So it goes to show that when someone cares about something that is just in inanimate object you are destroying something they love. In Fahrenheit 451 they have specific rules to burn books, but those could be things you love meaning they are destroying your love for those books by burning them. I understand that safety is a huge factor in our world today, but really in Fahrenheit 451 no one truly cares about helping one another and keeping each other safe. Sometimes safety is more important then freedom, but I still think that in the book freedom should be more important than safety giving the fact that there is no freedom and if you have no freedom to keep books at all you could get burned In that world.

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Project Zeus 3-8-17

So, during my project I have finished my fifth chapter and I have started my sixth. I plan on finishing my seventh chapter and my starting my eighth. I also feel like making my chapters a little longer and I also want to look at more websites to learn more on how long chapters should be in a novel. Other than that I looked at one website just to review what I learned before on character dialogue. That’s about all I did today I hope to get more done in the future.

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Project Zeus 1/4/17

I worked on my rough draft and did a lot in my first chapter and I started my second chapter. So far my word count is at over two thousand words and I’ve got my prologue and first chapter finished. I started my second chapter and so far in my story I have had some interesting events happen, but the plot of the book hasn’t been mentioned or described yet. I have mentioned ten characters so far and at the moment it only seems like their is one main character but that will be fixed later in the book. My chapters are fairly lengthy if I feel like they are to long I will probably shorten them out. So basically that is what I have done today I did go back to a reference from a sight I had on the length of chapters in novels, but other than that this is all I’ve done today. I plan on finishing my second chapter next time I might look at different sights about writing novels and the average lengthy of chapters in a novel I also might start my third chapter and if I’m lucky the fourth. This is all I really have planned for next time so if I can do anything else I’ll do it.

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Project Zeus 12/14/16

I went did a lot of writing and editing on my first chapter and Prologue. I went back and forth from the sites that I had and then started writing. I never finished my first chapter, but so far I fit about 6 paragraphs in it and I plan to finish it up. I made my Prologue short and descriptive about the main character’s life. I got a lot done and my Prologue and 1st Chapter together are three pages and 956 words. This is just my rough draft because if I didn’t do a rough draft it would be hard to write the normal book and know what is wrong with it. That is what I got done today next time I plan on Writing as much as I can on the rest of my rough draft so be prepared.

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Project Zeus 11/30/16

Alright, my goals for today were getting on different websites and learning about different literature what kind of writing style do people like the most and How to write a book as well as starting my rough draft if I had time. My plan was to go to a few different sights that explain these and how to do them. I also wanted to start my rough draft instead of actually starting the book because well that would be a lot smarter than just starting a book right off the bat. I wanted to also try and get the sources down so I knew where they were and copy them to a blank page on google docs. Well those were my goals today for my project


Alright, what I did today was not what I was expecting to do today. Alright, what I did first is I read a like 4-5 different sights on how to write a book, and I personally think that it was a great Idea to do that. I mean I have never written a book before I mean I tried in 3rd grade, but that ship sank in a ball of fire. I also copied those websites down so I don’t forget them. I had a little writer’s block when I started my rough draft I couldn’t figure out a name for my main character, so I looked up names most frequently used in books and copied a few down so I could remember them. I’ll finish this when I get home

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