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Final SIPS blog post 5/9/18

This is my final SIPS blog post and I’m gonna talk about how the showcase went. The showcase went pretty well I was there to set up my stuff early and I was on time. Everyone did a great job with their’s I just want to say. People were interested in mine I would get people every now and then and I would tell them different facts about drones I’d show them one of my drones I have and I’d show them the different parts inside the drone that connect it all together such as the wiring and the battery and the motors and what not. The showcase was super fun and I’m glad I could do SIPS it was a great experience for me and I had a great time. I worked hard on my project and I’m glad people enjoyed it. One thing I would tell people about their future SIPS project is don’t procrastinate it sucks if you do so don’t do that. So my project I was planning on building a drone, but I never finished it so I brought another one of my drones I have and brought that to show everyone and taught everyone about different types of drones and the parts of drones and what they do. Yeah that was my SIPS project I really enjoyed it a lot.

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I don’t really get much done in class anymore it’s all at home now a days. I am about finished up with the wiring Next I’ll start just putting everything together and I should be done. I love how you can learn about anything you want when you are doing SIPS. It’s super helpful to learn about what we want to learn I love it. Always work don’t procrastinate also just have fun and don’t stress about finishing it that’s just gonna make it worse.

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Today was another SIPS day I got the prices of the wires I need to get. Getting wires is difficult because you need specific wires for specific things. I also got most of the parts I needed the frame is gonna be a little difficult to get because of the price, but I could still be able to get it. I plan on finishing the drone by May 8th it’s gonna be difficult, but I plan on soldering wires and working of the framework and the little blade things.

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Today was a bit slow at this point I plan on getting most of my work done at home considering I have to solder wires and stuff like that. I’ve ordered some of the parts by this point I just need them to get here and then I can start. In class I just spent time going through my notes refreshing my head considering its been a while since the last SIPS day. Like I said earlier I plan on getting most of my work done at home by this point. I feel like if I can work every day up until May 8th I could finish it. I plan on inspiring people to do things not just waiting around for things to get done do things and inspire others.

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This was SIPS number four today and I have found my self in a bit of a pickle. It’s been a struggle trying to order the parts to build the drone and ordering the right one. Obviously there are a lot of pieces and having one wrong piece could completely screw the whole system over. Another issue I’ve ran into is soldering wires together considering I need actual experience before I can solder wires together, but I will still try. Other than that I feel pretty confident in the fact of being able to build a drone I still feel like I can get progress I just need the parts and figure out how to order them. I will obviously need the right parts and I will also need the right tools such as a soldering iron or a certain screw driver fro these things. Also I want to know if I will be able to build the drone in class I feel like soldering wire together in class could be a problem. Other than that I feel pretty good about my project.

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So as you know I am building a drone. Last week I learned about some of the pieces I needed to build it like different types of wires and an OSD, but today I learned out about how much it will cost and how long it will take and I also went into a step by step process but I didn’t finish the process. Anyway I learned that the average cost for building a drone is like around $300, but luckily I have like $800 in savings so I should be able to buy the parts needed. I learned about the different steps I need to take and how much the frame and motors cost. The motors cost around 40 to 60 dollars and the frame usually costs like 10 to 20 dollars. I plan on actually starting to build and get the pieces I need to build it next time. I feel like on a scale of one to five I got a four I learned about the steps and cost and how to buy them. I feel like I did a good job

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I have worked on my SIPS project today this was the second time we have worked on it. I plan on building a drone and I learned about the wiring last time and here’s what I learned about today. I figured out some of the parts and pieces and wiring I need to build a drone. I will need a video transmitter an antenna set a minimOSD (OSD stands for on-screen display) a TBS core (not the TV channel) Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC) an LC Filter which will filter out some of the noise. Battery Elimination Circuit will take care of voltage regulation. TBS core can replace a MinimOSD although its more expensive it requires less wiring and an easier setup. Those are some of the parts I plan on using for my project.

Next time I plan on buying the parts and assembling some of the drone. Obviously I’m going to have multiple tries and building the drone so I won’t nail building it the first time but I will try. Obviously I still don’t know I to wire the propellors yet so I will also work on that

I felt like I got good work done. I got two pages worth of notes on the pieces and what type of pieces and how to assemble them. I even took a picture of a diagram on how to build and put these pieces together so I feel ready and a little nervous but I’m excited.

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S.I.P.S #1

I learned all about the wiring of a drone because I plan on building a drone. I learned about different types of wires such as Multi-Stranded Wires and how Silicon wires are the best kind of insulator for the drone. I also learned all about thinner wires and loner wires usually mean there’s more resistance but resistance isn’t good because they could cause a voltage drop which plugs most of the circuit and it delivers less power. I also learned how when drawing more current from a wire the resistance will cause it to heat up and depending on the material surrounding the wire it could literally melt the wire.

I plan on finish studying up on the wiring of it and polish that up. Then I might and go out and buy some of the material for it over the weekend. This is what I plan on over the next week until our next SIPS.

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My SIPS Pitch!

  • 1) I plan on doing my SIPS project on combining aerodynamics and robotics those both interested me and what came to mind when I thought of those two were drones and I think drones are really cool and I think it would be even cooler if i could make a drone
  • 2)  My guiding questions would be 1. How am I gonna control the drone. 2. How will I provide electricity to the drone. 3. How will the circuitry work for the drone.
  • 3) My project would be to make my own drone. I feel like this can Inspire other people to be able to think outside the box and create what ever they want and  I feel like I can educate others on how robotics and aerodynamics work.
  • 4)  I feel like my dad and uncle could help me because my dad is really good and making things and my uncle knows all about aerodynamics because he pilots helicopters and knows how to fix them.
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Fahrenheit 451 Post

Montag wonders about the world and all the poor inhabitants of it and feels guilty and tries to accuse Mildred of not feeling guilty and not caring about the world. He isn’t just accusing her though he could be accusing people in his country for being rich and wealthy and not contributing to the poor. When Mildred asks him about reading these books she just starts getting mad at him about why they should read these books and why they should even care because if anyone else found out they would be in loads of trouble, but Montag just dismisses it and talks to her about how the world could change with these books and how they could change them. She simply dismisses it. Montag tried to get Fabor to help him with the book he stole from captain Beatty. He needed Fabor to see the book to ask him if there was away to get his world back to the way it was from

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