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S.I.P.S #1

on January 12, 2018

I learned all about the wiring of a drone because I plan on building a drone. I learned about different types of wires such as Multi-Stranded Wires and how Silicon wires are the best kind of insulator for the drone. I also learned all about thinner wires and loner wires usually mean there’s more resistance but resistance isn’t good because they could cause a voltage drop which plugs most of the circuit and it delivers less power. I also learned how when drawing more current from a wire the resistance will cause it to heat up and depending on the material surrounding the wire it could literally melt the wire.

I plan on finish studying up on the wiring of it and polish that up. Then I might and go out and buy some of the material for it over the weekend. This is what I plan on over the next week until our next SIPS.

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