An Authority on Courage and Integrity
The first person that comes to my mind when I think of an authority on courage and integrity is my Dad and my Mom. They’ve always told me to be [...]
blind spots
I think it’s very controversial, and personally I can see both sides. What I think Atticus means by saying he has his “blind spots” and [...]
Real Courage
I think this is a great definition of courage. It also shows why Atticus isn’t being swayed by people insulting him, and his kids. I would say my [...]
I think what Atticus is putting his children through is just, because he’s showing them that you don’t have to go with crowd, and you should [...]
Climbing into another person’s skin
What I think Atticus means when he tells Scout to climb into another person’s skin is, that you don’t know how a person feels, or their [...]
Beliefs and Actions
I think it’s very important to be conscious of your beliefs, and to also be stubborn, but not too stubborn about them so you stay true to your right [...]
literature review
The speed of the narrative was very stuttered, like at certain times it went kind of slow, but at other times it moved super quick. Good vocabulary use, [...]
1% Gain
A 1% increase I could make in my life, is by slowly going to sleep earlier, because now I usually go to sleep at around 3 in the morning, which is not good [...]
Tell me about it
I have been feeling really anxiously excited lately, because I have a couple of things coming up. One thing I have coming up is soccer try outs. The try [...]
What I’m Reading
I am currently reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. It is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a dystopian community, where everybody follows every single [...]
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