Love Moderatly

Hello welcome to my English class where we write things about stuff mister green tells us to write about and things and tell us to make it a little or a lot over one hundred words and today he has told us to write about True love, but moderately.  Sometimes boys and girls like each other very much and then they get in a kinda big fight between something or other that either gender does and then they break up and then they move on very very quick kinda like that one time when you had a girlfriend in first grade: POINTLESS.

True Love.

WHAT IS IT? WHO DID IT COME FROM? WELL, IM HERE TO tell you that true love is probably the thing that made me, og till till. There is a saying about love at first sight. IF you’re ugly like myself you know that this is probably not true. You see, the only way to get someone to like you is if you have lots and lots of future equity. That’s why only women can see the future. Also, Future Equity may play a big role in having to do with children, stupid baseball games that no one wants to see, and high quality television. tl=bs but it’s kinda funny to think about it haha





What I’ve learned about people

heyguyshowyougoing this is another thing by mister green about what I have learned about people, post(after) writing the biography thingy and post malone. Talmadge is the person i’ve learned about in this instance and I have learned that he likes baseball and his brothers and that his favorite baseball player is a third baseman for the chicago cubs. Also, Brayden interviewed me and is currently writing the same thing that I am currently writing right now, as is everyone else in my class. By this point, I am just writing filler so I can get the hundred words because I hvae nothing more longer to say about this topic that we did here today and stuff. Finished.

What I don’t know about people in my B4 class.

Hello mister green told us today, ‘Hey you’re gonna be asking personal questions and be asked personal questions by your peers, and i’m gonna choose them for you.” and I didn’t like that too well so here are some things I don’t know about my peers. I don’t know they’re birthdays, race, ethnicites, what kind of books they like to read, whether or not they do like to read or read at all, what video games they like, if they like starwars, if they are big on movies and if they know their movie culture, and the list goes way on.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not HAHAH GOTTEM

Hello welcome back to tiller timpsons crazy place where 格林先生 has told us to do something about work will work when wishy washy wishing will not or something and I’m not to keen on wtflip that means but if I did I’d think it’d mean something like how I did this year as a Englishmen in the works of English.  This year has honestly been VERY HARD for English because 格林先生 likes to hand out I’s like that one girl from the fantastic beast movie handed out those pamphlets about how there were witches roaming around the city that they were in. Also, I am not very good with the requirements he sets because I am gone A LOT!


Helloimtiller and welcome to another blog mister greende tells us to write about why people hate each other for no reason aka prejudice. A key Component is probably because the people were brought up to hate something or other. Like the things if you were brought up as a hitler youth, you were brought up to hate jews because they defyed your leader and your leader doesn’t like them so that saying goes, or else. Some other things would probably be they give you a reason in special cases like a dog and a cat. The cat probably could have done something to eternally upset the dog and now the dog wants revenge. In other cases people just don’t like the way other people do things, and they HAVE to hate them because of it. 

Authority on Courage- Chewbacca

Hey guys its tillernawelcomebacktoanother english blog post where Maestro Verde has required us to post something about Courage  and who shows it out of each of our classmates’ heroes. Mine happens to be chewbacca. Chewbacca shows  Courage all the time, like when he got shot in the seventh movie. He did NOT cry like a baby and was totally fine afterward. Also he was courageous that one time in the last Jedi when he wasn’t really in the movie but he stayed and help out on that one planet that Luke Skywalker was on.  Chewbacca and me are very similar because the only difference is that her is much more harry than I am, and we are similar because I can speak in his language.


helloandwelcomeback today maestro verde has assigned us to the topic of PERSISTENCE and a bunch of other things along the topic of that. I generally feel that persistence is what made wars. Just having to persist on anything is kinda like that one Marvel movie in 16′ called Civil War. It was with a bunch of super heroes so it was not a boring history film, but captain america was approached by the government and they said,” Hey listen. Your destroying things, we don’t like and the people don’t like it. Here they 117 countries signed a document saying you cannot operate in the shadows no mo’.” and then he attended a funeral of his old girlfriend and his old girlfriends niece reminded him to stand his ground no matter what position and captain america did so and ended up going into hiding until Infinity war part 1. So basically, persistence is a must and I think that Atticus is standing up for that black man, even with no chance of winning, he still has the persistence of a worker bee.

To Kill a Mockingbird: So far.

Hello, and welcome back to the amazing *************** world of Tiller’s site: Blog post: To kill a mocking bird: So far. Maestro Verde told us to type about what and how we feel about the Hit novel,” To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee.  Set in the mid to early 30’s, it starts off by explaining situations of the main characters, Jem, Scout, and soon later, a boy that is almost seven, nick named “Dill”. The storyline mainly focuses on Jem and Scout’s boredom and how they are curious the the antagonist of the story, “The Radley’s” or more specifically, Athur”Boo”Radley. I like the book so far and am excited to see more out of it.

Last semester reflection

Hey og till till back here in school because the break ended and we had to go back to prison, but last term I ended with a C-barely because I turned in all my essays that made my grade an I because i just felt like working for the bit of the semester until the break because I didn’t want to take summer school because summer school is a bunch of bs and I don’t think I would like it anymore than I would like sitting in gum or having a wet shopping bag to shop with at target with my mom.