Authority on Courage- Chewbacca

Hey guys its tillernawelcomebacktoanother english blog post where Maestro Verde has required us to post something about Courage  and who shows it out of each of our classmates’ heroes. Mine happens to be chewbacca. Chewbacca shows  Courage all the time, like when he got shot in the seventh movie. He did NOT cry like a baby and was totally fine afterward. Also he was courageous that one time in the last Jedi when he wasn’t really in the movie but he stayed and help out on that one planet that Luke Skywalker was on.  Chewbacca and me are very similar because the only difference is that her is much more harry than I am, and we are similar because I can speak in his language.

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  1. this is awsome lol

  2. that was beautiful.

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