Hatred is something that everybody has, whether it’s a person or something that a lot of people do there is something that annoys someone. I personally have a lot more small things that annoy me than people that annoy me. For me, a few people I know annoy me because they have no respect for anything I do, and they make dumb choices/say dumb things. I think what annoys me more than anyone though is the small things that annoy me. Any day would I rather have someone say false things about me, than be stuck behind a whole bunch of people who walk really slow in the hallways, or just in general. I really don’t like to walk slow because it’s a waste of time, I have a really fast walk pace. I feel like for people to just drop what they hate though and move on leaving what they hate behind them is that they need to just find a way to just not really think about it, or have something they like, or something fun that they are going to do to think about. Sure they might still hate it, but I think that no matter how long you can go without getting upset at something, there is always gonna be something else that can annoy you. I just try to not let it get to my head about how annoyed I am, so I can keep going with my life.

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

I know my friends really well, but other people? Not so much. I don’t know lots of things about my fellow students because I guess what I think is that because I don’t talk to them as much, close to never talk to some of the people, or don’t like certain people I just never really take any time at all to know anything about some people. Lately I’ve been getting better at being friendly to classmates and trying to actually be their friend, and so far this has been successful. There are lots of things I don’t know about the students here, what time they get home, what time they wake up, what they like to do on the weekends, who they are friends with, do they like sports, do they hate sports, are they good at sports, with some of the students I have no clue about anything they like or what they don’t like.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I feel like this year I was able to complete some of the stuff I wanted to, but the only thing is I completely flopped on something I was pretty good at in the past. My work ethic was very poor and I had a lot of late work I had to come in and complete at the end of this term. Other than that this year I think I did pretty good at doing what I was supposed to, whenever we were given directions I would most of the time be on task. I can’t really think of a skill we’ve been working on that I would want to improve on, I think that I’m pretty good at most of the stuff we’ve talked about, but the one thing I want to personally work on this last remaining term is my work ethic, and just getting the work done instead of procrastinating. If I can improve on getting all of my work done not only will I have a good grade, but it is also a good skill to have throughout the rest of high school, and for when I get a job.

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What Makes a Person Great?

In my opinion, things that make a person great is the ability to understand how others are feeling, knowing when to joke around about something, knowing whether or not you should say what’s on your mind, trying to be helpful in any situation good or bad, seek to be nice to everyone daily, etc. I just covered some of the things off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are much more important things out there to become a great person. And also, people’s perspective has a huge impact on who in their image is a great person.There are some people who I personally feel like understand me a lot more than others because of the things we have in common.

To Kill A Mockingbird Review

The book was alright in my opinion it could’ve been better if it would have been a little bit more transparent, but then again, if it were to be more transparent it could’ve also been a little bit too bland causing it to lose some of it’s meaning the author wanted you to figure out. This book had moments where it would make you feel apart of it, like the courthouse scene. In this book it really makes you connect the dots in order to figure out the meaning behind some of the stuff this book talks about or else you will be a little confused why some of the stuff is even in it. I like how this book made it so that there were all different types of emotions throughout the entire book.

The movie was a pretty good visual to show the type of scene when some of the events happened, and the type of facial expressions people had throughout some of the main parts in the story. I personally over exaggerate things in my head when I try to think of the scene and how things happened, so this movie was a good way of clearing up some of my misunderstandings that I experienced throughout this book. Even though the movie had a few points where it was slightly different than the book but it was close enough that it still tied to the same outcome really well.

Good Stuff

The suggestion I decided to choose and write about is the one that says, “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” I feel like this can relate to most anything we talk about. What it says just before this quote in the book it’s talking about how it was no accident that Atticus is the lawyer for Tom Robinson, and that it was no accident that Judge Taylor was appointed this case to judge, and last it says that they were thinking about the case and how it was not possible to win, but then realized that they are making baby-steps at a time. I feel like we all at one point in our life feel like we are making very little progress in something that we are doing. Just like this character in the story we all need to realize that even if we aren’t making much progress, but we are succeeding even just a little, we are making baby-steps and we will be able to get what we need done even if it’s by baby-steps.

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An Authority on Courage – Captain America

I had to choose from lots of really tough decisions, one time I had to chose between the love of my life, or most likely dying crashing a plane into the ocean. No matter the situation, every act shows who you are, and for me I think that the decision shows what type of a person you really are. Represent others, not only yourself because the toughest choices are the best ones to make. Even if the choice isn’t big just think about the outcomes, make sure that people can see your intentions. All I am going to say is, make sure that you think through your decisions, make sure that people don’t misunderstand your actions, and last of all, make sure that you are finding the good out of all the choices, even if you end up choosing the wrong choice. Just choose the right choice, the good thing to do.

Real Courage

I think that this definition of courage is a pretty good way of putting courage, now I don’t necessarily think that you have to be beat to have real courage, but you definitely can have real courage from doing something that is really hard. How I define courage is to do something when you don’t think you can, you don’t want to, or even when there is very little possibility for a good outcome. The way that Atticus defines courage in this chapter is almost the exact way I’d describe courage to someone because it says that courage isn’t someone with a gun, but there are ways that a man with a gun can be courageous, like someone in the army. That is really courageous to go to a different country to go and fight people who want to kill you. The reason why I give that example is because that is a good example of courage with a gun, but like Atticus said, courage doesn’t have to be with a gun.

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I honestly don’t know if it’s a good thing that Atticus is doing this. I guess it’s good and also the right thing that he is trying to help someone who is in need of help. For me the best way to decide whether or not I’d do the same or want the same depending on the situation is I’d want someone to help even if it were highly unlikely to win the case. If anyone understands that, what I’m trying to say is that I personally think that it is a good thing, something I’ve heard somewhere before, I don’t remember where, but I heard this,”Persistence is key” I’m sure that out of this bad situation there will be a good outcome somewhere for this charitable act toward the Tom Robinson case. Atticus and his family are just going to have to hold on and try to make the best of this situation

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To Kill a Mocking Bird– So Far

I think this book is a pretty decent book for when it was written, I personally am more into fiction type books or something like that, but this book is better than I thought it was going to be. The book, “Out of the Dust” that I’m reading is really boring because it just talks about dust, and makes everything relate to dust. This book is actual stories and is a lot more entertaining to read. I can definitely see why people really like this book, the first few chapters are boring, not going to lie, but after the author introduces Boo Radley to the story, it gets a whole lot more interesting to read/hear. I honestly think that the only reason why everyone likes this book is because of this Boo Radley character. If you were to have me rate it out of 10, I’d probably rate it an 8.5 just because of the way that this book is written and how the events happen.

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