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By: Eric Buckner

Would you want a perfect life? In the giver they have so called perfect lives but they are missing one important thing, pain, this book is a very noteworthy book. Lois Lowry did a fantastic job with this book.

This book is about a boy that has reached the age of 12 the age that he is assigned a job of being the next receiver of memory the receiver of memory is a hard job because it has all the memories of “back and back and back” as jonas described it. He began plotting to release all the memories he had inside him so his community could live with greater knowledge and have true feelings. He was going to do it in a couple of weeks so he could get ready but he figured out a child just like him that he had grown to love was scheduled for a release or in other words they were going to kill him, he ran away took the baby and traveled to the boundary of memories.

I liked the times that he was receiving a memory because he described the feelings he had in him. I did not like before he was selected to be the receiver of memory because he and everyone where speaking in a monotone (what I had envisioned in my head)they had no real meaning in what they were saying.

The most important lesson one can learn from a book like this is that you will never be as happy as you can get if you do not know any negative emotions such as pain and hunger and famine.

Fog Diver Review

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The Fog Diver

Long ago, the earth was covered in “smog”. A black fog like substance that killed all life. Scientists everywhere worked together to create a solution, enter in: Nanites. Nanites are microscopic machines that turn the smog (pollution) into clean air. But the Nanites are programmed to get rid of pollution. So they also go after the source of pollution. Humans. In the this brilliantly designed adventure story by Joel Ross tells the exciting adventure of Chess and his salvage crew. But Chess, the crew’s tetherboy, isn’t normal. He was born with fog in one eye. Because of this abnormality, he can see and run faster in the fog than out of it, this makes him special, and lots of dangerous people want him because of this ability. Among these dangerous people: Lord Kodoc.

In this futuristic version of earth the remaining people cling to the tops of mountains for dear life. A thick white, deadly fog covers the earth below them. If they enter the fog they become completely deaf and almost completely blind. If they spend too much time in the fog, they die, of fog-sickness. The “fog” allows all organisms to exist freely. They reflect the sun allowing all living things to live freely. Except humans. Because they are at the top of the mountains, they have limited resources. So they must send “tether kids” down into the fog to salvage for resources. But the fog isn’t just home to happy peaceful animals. It has terrors of it’s own.

This book follows Chess and his salvage crew along their journey to salvation. Chess is the tetherboy, he salvages the remains of the earth under the fog. But the crew of orphans caretaker, Mrs. E, has contracted fogsickness, and doesn’t have long to live. So they have to salvage more than ever to save her, they’ll even risk the secret of Chess’s eye to save her if that’s what it costs. This fast paced book, sure kept me up all night. It has just enough humor and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, and interested. I’d give it 5/5 stars. Because the characters feel so real, and their predicament is just as real as them. I’d recommend this book to anyone that can read. Its not too easy for adults to read, and not too hard for kids, hilarious comedy, and a moving story

The characters feel so real, even in times of most seriousness they find away to have fun and ease some tension, their dialogue really explains their relationships. They are very friendly with each other. I love how the characters really seem like they are family. They just seem to have so much fun together and this quote really further explains that idea that they are a family, and as they call it, a “crew.” They’re friends and family and they don’t show it through gooey gooey love. They show it through protecting each other which I really admire.

An example of their strong connections is right before Chess dives into the fog“You know what to do?” “Wander around,” I said. “Until I spot a self-assembled whangdoodle from the Foggy depths.” -The Fog Diver By: Joel Ross-  This quote is from Chess’s perspective. It tells just how they brush off tension, and live their lives, while protecting each other. This book really is charming, I loved it so much, it’s one of my favorite books, it also has an exceptional sequel.

Ethan Whetten B7

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The Speed of Life

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The Speed of Life is a book on a girl, Sophia, who lives in New York City. Her mom died eight years ago, so it is just her and her dad living together. When a woman by the name of Dear Kate is announced to come speak at her school, her best friend Kiki obsesses over her. Dear Kate is an advice columnist who answers girls questions over email. Sophia isn’t really in to it, but she goes to it with Kiki to here her speak anyways. Later that night Dear Kate speaks to the parents, and Sophia’s dad goes.What happens later is very surprising.

Sophia and her dad have had troubles moving on from her mom. But one day, her dad starts going out more, and Sophia finds herself alone more often. Kiki finally convinces her to get out more too, so they start going to parties more often, and hanging out. After awhile, she starts to think her dad is going out with someone. But she isn’t ready to find out for sure. After a period of time, her dad finally explains to her that he has been seeing someone. Sophia refuses to meet her until the end of the month, even though her dad says that she might want to know who. When the end of the month comes, Sophia and her dad drive an hour away to his girlfriends house,  outside of the city. When they get there, shes is surprised to find out that he has been dating Dear Kate. They have dinner together, including Kate’s daughter Alexa, who doesn’t seem to excited. When Sophia gets home, she tells Kiki, and Kiki is so excited. Even though Sophia is not. One day when she was feeling lonely, she decided to write to Dear Kate’s column as Catlover99. She writes some pretty embarrassing things then decides to press send. Surprisingly, she keeps writing to her. After months go by, their apartment contract was over, so they had to find somewhere to live. When Kate offers for them to move in with her and Alexa, her dad says yes, and Sophia could not be more devastated. Moving in with Kate would mean leaving the city and Kiki. Moving in might mean her dad getting married too. After they get settled in to their new home, things already get heated. Alexa does not like Sophia. Sophia tries spending more time outside the house, near the lake. When she meets a boy named Sam, she could not be happier. They start dating for awhile while she lives with Kate. As things start getting into routine, big news happens. News hots their household and they are all in shock. Just when they think they’ve decided on a resolution, something else happens.

“People say life is short, and sometimes that turns out to be true. But for most of us, life is long. I was realizing at last that my life- was mostly ahead of me.” I like this quote because it is so true! We have our whole life ahead of us, so we shouldn’t be worrying about not enough time. As the speed of her life changes and she tries to figure things out, Sophia can only believe that things will work out in the end. With her mother watching from above, she goes through with it, even though a ton of things get in the way. Eventually, she will bounce back.

I would recommend this book to girls for sure. This isn’t really a book that boys would read. If you are a girl and like to read books that are real-world fiction, this is a book for you.

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By: Scott Westerfeld

Have you ever thought someone needs a makeover, or we should all just look the same so there would be no comparison or fighting? Well, the book, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, is a dystopian novel where everyone who is under 16 is considered Ugly and “Bogus.” You only become “Pretty” when you turn sixteen and get a total makeover, that included, new skin, new eyes, and a completely different body in general. It probably sounds like a terrible book, but it a totally different away from the Pretties.

For Tally Youngblood, she can’t wait to get on the bus to the surgery room. Her best friend, Peris, has just left for New Pretty Town. The first month on her own, Tally decides she has to see Peris again. crossing the river, Tally gets to New Pretty Town, but she doesn’t expect what would happen. Causing a bunch of problem in the town’s party, she is now known across the Pretties’ town. But on her way back, she meets another Ugly that was spying on her, Shay. They soon become fast friends and start to hang out. They eventually found out that they have the same birthday, but Shay doesn’t want to become pretty. Instead, she leaves Tally behind, and Shay leaves to find, The Smoke. But before Tally can become pretty, she must find Shay and The Smoke. As Tally ventures off into the unknown, she faces many hardships and trials.

I loved all the characters and what they stand for. Although the Pretties can get quite annoying with their, “Bubbliness,” They can still be good characters once you know what’s going on. Tally, Shay, Croy, and David are my favorite characters from the book because, they are all unique in their own special way. Tally is a fantastic character because you can relate so well with her. She has her own hopes, dreams, and wishes. You can feel Tally’s pain and why she would feel hurt because they are teens, and we have all felt that pain before. Westerfeld has created so many good characters and a fantastic book that stays with you.

 In the book, David, a member of the Smoke, says to Tally, “Maybe they didn’t want you to realize that every civilization has it’s weakness. There’s always one thing to depend on. And if someone takes it away all that’s left is some story in history class (Westerfeld 346).” This is after Tally finds the Smoke and David and her are talking. David never really liked the idea of having a perfect world because he knows there is no such thing. I love this quote because its states the flaw our society has today. Everyone thinks that we are ugly at some point or we compare ourselves to someone else. This quote is saying we don’t have to be exactly the same or prettier than someone else.

This is definitely one of my favorite books. It is so full of action, adventure, and friendships. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to read action, adventure, romance, dystopians, or science fiction. Even if you don’t like any of these, I recommend you still read it because it can change your perspective around very easily. After reading this, I felt like I had a small chunk of me missing, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It is easy to get lost in books where the characters are so easy to relate to or just a fantastic adventure. I really loved this book and I would recommend it to anyone.

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