Lit circle #2

Im going to do this about the characters. First the three queens who are triplet sisters.

Katherine the poison queen. She makes poisons to try to kill her sisters so she can be the queen. She put on a feast where everything she eats is covered in poison. She is very childish.

Arsione the naturalist queen. ¬†She is supposed to have a familiar but she doesn’t. During the quickening she pretends that her familiar is a brown bear. She is a very caring person who thinks of others before herself.

Mirabella the elemental queen. She is able to summon lightning, fire and the different elements which she uses to try to kill her sisters. During the quickening she danced with fire all over her body. Everyone thinks that she is a drama queen, but actually she just wants to save her sisters.

Jules is supposed to protect Arsione. She is the strongest naturalist that the island has ever seen and during the quickening she controls the brown bear to help Arsione. She is nice to those that are her friends.

Pietyr is supposed to train Katherine to be more flirtatious so she can get a suitor. At the end of the book there is a huge plot twist when he shoves Katherine down the breccia domain. At first Pietyr only cared about the power but he ended up falling in love with Katherine.



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