The Good Stuff

What I’m grateful for is that I have my family and my cousins to play and hang out with. Why I am thankful for my family and my cousins is because they make me feel safe and loved. Plus whenever I go over to my cousins house we almost turn into different people because we can be crazy and really fun when we are together. Also there is a heck ton of food there because there is usually about 9 people over there when we go over. We also get yelled at a lot because we keep on having so much fun, that we get really loud and tired. That is what I am thankful for.

Everybody Was Finally Equal.

How this story applies to us and our society is that we “punish” others for being smarter or prettier by telling lies or just being mean. Yes we sometimes do punish people. Yes, we keep others down to keep from feeling inferior to them. I already wrote some ways so here is why I think we do this. Why? Because maybe we are scared of losing our friends to them because they may or may not become popular or even more popular than the most popular kids in school or anywhere really. But other than those things I don’t got nothing else for you.

Whats On My Mind?

What is on my mind today is the book I’m reading, The Selection. Why its on my mind is because I was just reading it like 10 minutes ago. The other reason its on my mind is because I had just read the part where one of the girls who is in the selection met the prince early. They were not supposed to meet yet. Anyway her name is America and his name is Prince Maxon of Iella. I don’t even understand why they have a selection. A selection is when there is a bunch of girls in the castle competing for the crown and the prince.

What’s This Got To Do With Me?

Some things that happened in his story that kind of connects with mine are when I started school this year I was going into the school I was all really exited because my grades start over, and I was going to get really good or at least decent grades this year because they count now, but the sad thing is I have C in one of my classes and i really wanted to get an A or at the very least a B-. Instead I got a C. How this connects my story with Billy Weaver’s is when he got there he is really exited to make a name for himself in this big company he newly works for but when he tries to find a place to stay he ends up in this old Bed-n-Breakfast run by this creepy old lady. How his story goes off the plan is the creepy old lady is really good at taxidermy and has stuffed her dead pets. She has also killed and stuffed 2 other guests in her home. How it actually goes off the rails is the lady poisons him with some kind of chemical in his tea that tastes like bitter almonds. And he dies and gets stuffed. That is kind of how his story relates to mine.

They Story of An Hour – Online Discussion

Did I like this story? No, not really. Why? Because at the beginning of the story it was good-ish. Then at the Middle I did not like it anymore. Finally at the end I was just done with it.  I feel very sad for Louise, because she had just started to let the feeling of freedom sink in when her husband came home. I think her feelings were just fine for the whole situation given the time period it was written in. What I think it was like for woman back then was that it was kind of repressive maybe. Because they had very little career options. And if they could not get married then they were found Defective, almost. Things are different today because woman have rights and we are allowed to  do anything men can  do. How things are similar I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

What stood out to me about this story was when she was alone in her room she was looking out of the window outside, she only really noticed all the good things going on outside. Now normally when something sad happens there is no cheerfulness going on outside. What questions I had were When her husband came home Why was she so shocked? And this one is Why was she not even happy that he was not dead? My epiphany that I had was that when she was writing the story she did a fantastic job with the Irony and the Suspense throughout the whole story. It was a good enough story.

Suspense and word choice in a Freewrite

On a dark and dreary night there was a little girl, Abigail was her name, was out trick or treating with her father. As they were going along Abigail saw a path that led down into the old ruins of the town, So she said to her father “Father, may we please go down this here path to conclude the night?” Her father said “Alright, Abigail. Go on.” And so they went down the path, but there were no homes to knock at! When Abigail saw this she was very curious, and went further down the path, but stopped at the edge of the graveyard, for her father had said “Abigail!, don’t go any further until I catch up with you,” But she did not listen, she just kept going. When she was about half way into the graveyard her father caught her. “Abigail. I told you not to go any further!” But just as she was going to say something she heard a noise. This noise was high pitched and soft, like a whistle.

Locked Inside Poetry Analysis

What I think that she was trying to convey to us is that if you have a problem(s) that you should try and solve them without just sitting there and waiting for someone else to figure out a solution. What I also think she was tying to say is if you are feeling trapped then you should just take a moment and try to look at it with a new perspective. Like in the poem she did not figure out the answer until she was close to the lock on the door and analysis that it was lock from the inside.

1st term Business

How I feel about my work in this class is I am feeling very proud of myself because I have every single thing turned in. (at least I hope I do). I also think that I have been giving is my best possible effort because being in a smaller class really helps me to get everything done. Some of my greatest successes so far are getting done and keeping up with my blog. I don’t really have anything to work on. I do not know if there has been any growth since August, but if is of was it would probably be small.

Technology- Friend of Foe?

The way I think/ see it is like this, technology can be both a friend and a foe. Why? I’ll explain. Why I think that tech can be a friend is because what if something really really bad happens to you of someone you know? How will you get to everyone to get help of to tell them whats going on? I know you would CALL them. Also how I think it could be a foe is with your personal relationships and with school. Also I think it could be a foe because of AI. You never know what could happen with robots with AI.

What I’ve been reading.

What I have been reading is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It is a really good book. Its about a family and something bad happens to them and the youngest child goes and lives in a graveyard with ghosts as his new parents. What I read before that is a book called A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. It is about this boy his name is Conor and his mom is sick and there is this giant tree monster. But all in all the books so far that I have been reading/ read are kind of creepy books but not scary.