Post #4 Poem or story analysis

I got my short story from ebsco and the link is:

The story was about stories told on the island of New Guinea. They are about death, and what they believe about death. There is another one about monsters and how a hero beat the monster. They are the common stories told that represent old events.

There were lots of parts where the details shared by the author allowed me to be able to see what was going on more vividly. I was better able to picture and see the monster, and the hero when they were described because of the details.

They used lots of sentences that flowed with each other, I was able to tell what was going on based on them. I never had to stop and think about what they meant because they fit so well.

The theme or main idea of the piece was to share the history and stories of the people of New Guinea. They were trying to share the culture and imagination of the people there. I was able to tell that because it mostly talked about their stories, retelling them to me.

The culture I noticed was about the island or places they are familiar with and the names of their monsters. It also talked about how they did things like how they lived there.

Post #3 News Article

A mining company has left an abandoned mine in New Guinea. The mine has started causing problems for the people there. It has caused problems by depositing some of the harmful things from the mine into nearby rivers. The article is by BBC news.

They are talking about the problems with the mine that was abandoned. They show this when in the article they say ¨They say that waste from the copper and gold mine is causing health problems for 12,000 people living nearby.¨

What this on problem says about them is that they don´t have the infrastructure in place to deal with some of the not as huge of problems yet. This means that they might be in need of help to draw out the less known but still important of problems.


Post #1: Introduction

I chose New Guinea. I chose it because I haven’t really heard very much about it and I figured that it would be a very cool and interesting place. I think I will learn about its culture and history. Some questions I have about it are about what they do there?