book report characters

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John is my main character. He looks like this. he is 17, he is an alien. He is supposed to be strong blond hair blue eyes.”I’m tired of running. ” he is hunted by other aliens. “in the beginning there was 9 of us, 3 are gone dead” he just moved to Ohio “do You think there will be people in Ohio?”. He has a side kick named Henri. I choose this actor for the reason that he has blond hair and blue eyes and he is relatively Yong.



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^ this is Alexander Skarsgård-aka: John


this is Jason Lee aka Henri my main characters guardian. He is the one responsible for keeping john smart and john keeps them safe” He trains me”. “John? open the door-its me” that is when john gets his first powers. “Do you want me to do the burn” that is when they all have to get rid of there old documents to start a new life in Ohio. I chose this actor for the reason that he is some what old, he has black hair, he also is wearing a berate which is neat because he is often mistaken for a french man because of his Loretic accent.

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This is Alexandra Daddario aka Sarah Hart. This is the first girl that John met. He likes her but she has a vary mean x-boyfriend that is rude to John . “Come sit next to me” Sarah is very nice to John but her x dose not like that. Sarah has a mom that is Johns real estate agent “you can meet my daughter she is very nice” I choose this actor because she is a Yong teen girl that is pretty even though her hair is brown and the character is blond this is what I picture when I think of her, she also has blue eyes.

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this one of the beast of Mogadore it is an alien. they once thrived but they lost all of there resources on there planet. they killed every one on the planet Lour  and now they are moving to earth to take there resources. it is up to 9 aliens with these powers to save earth from them. “3 are now dead john is number 4. I chose this for the reason that they have no pupils and black eyes, they are dark and mysterious.

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Settings Blog Post

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I Am Number 4: by Pittacus Lour

This book takes place in the u.s but mostly in a small town in Ohio. This book takes place in modern time I can tell because they use things like cell phones and TV’s. The main thing that makes my book interesting is that my main character is a alien from the planet lour. His name is 4 however he has a secret identity named john.

So far the weather has raid once when he was sad that he had to move, other than that it has mostly been good days. He met a girl that he thinks is cute at his high school which also caused good weather. He dose not like bullies which is not good because he has super human strength and speed so he has to control his anger.

When he first moves to his new house in Ohio he finds it to be sad and lame, however as the book progressed it began to be nicer and fell more like home. He talks a lot about how he misses his old home in Florida but as it goes on and  he makes more friends he talks less and less about it and how he misses it.


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spring break

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I am very exited for spring break. I am going to be going to California. which means I don’t have to care about whether or not my English teacher actual reads these. It also means I get to play in the wata and no teacher can tell me nota. I have to do any essays. I dot have to do math problems or sit in class and wait for the bell to ring I can chill out for one week.

I am going to go to California and play with my little brother trey, he just turned 6. The only other people that are going to be there are my little sister Amy my mom my step dad and my older sister Ashley. I don’t know exactly ware in Cali but we are definitely going to go to a beach. at this point in my blog post i dot even care all I want to be doing is chilling on a beach all alone, without a care in the world. the rest of my spring break will be spent in a hotel watching tv or siting in a hot tub or possibly playing fortnite mobile. I don’t know what else to type.

my book

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I chose my book because it was the 3rd book in the series. it is a science fiction. it is one of the better series I have read. so far Michael Vey is a book about a teen with electric powers. the 3rd book will be about his friends being captured and him saving them.

Call to Personal Adventure

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My Normal World

     My normal world usually consists of me going to school then doing some sort of sports activity like track or football or wrestling. This is usually where I will receive my call to adventure. My call to adventure is often simple like my coach challenging me to lift every day. One thing though I will not refuse because it is hard to refuse a call from my coach.

Unwanted Refusal

This was more of a denial than a refusal. this was very unwanted. Its like when you want to go to the gym but you don’t. then I looked at my dad and he motivated me to lift with him at the gym, so I did. now I am continuing to do it and I will never return to my normal world.

The Next day

     Today I decided to do something different (leaving the normal world). I decided to lift weights in the morning. This took my 1hr and it was tough the result was good and I felt good and sore. I decided I would do it whenever I could. This would help me gain more weight and be a better athlete. I would also take protein supplements.


the result

I no longer just go to school then go to sports, I enjoy sports more and a am better at them. the normal day is almost the same but I will always be stronger.

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term 3 blog Winter Break

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I did a ton of stuff over Christmas break namely I went skiing at snow bird which was a ton of fun. Did my first black diamond and I killed it, it was so much fun. Also I went to a cabin in Ephraim and that was also a blast there was no snow but I rode on our ATV a lot, I also learned to drive clutch I took it to 3 gear it was hard but fun.more about the book

For term 3 I decided to read the book Michael Vey rise of the Elgen, so far this book is a very good book. The main reason I decided to read this book was because I read the first one already And I enjoyed it. This book is by Richard Paul Evans.

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