Call to Personal Adventure

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My Normal World

     My normal world usually consists of me going to school then doing some sort of sports activity like track or football or wrestling. This is usually where I will receive my call to adventure. My call to adventure is often simple like my coach challenging me to lift every day. One thing though I will not refuse because it is hard to refuse a call from my coach.

Unwanted Refusal

This was more of a denial than a refusal. this was very unwanted. Its like when you want to go to the gym but you don’t. then I looked at my dad and he motivated me to lift with him at the gym, so I did. now I am continuing to do it and I will never return to my normal world.

The Next day

     Today I decided to do something different (leaving the normal world). I decided to lift weights in the morning. This took my 1hr and it was tough the result was good and I felt good and sore. I decided I would do it whenever I could. This would help me gain more weight and be a better athlete. I would also take protein supplements.


the result

I no longer just go to school then go to sports, I enjoy sports more and a am better at them. the normal day is almost the same but I will always be stronger.

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