Post #4: Story Analysis

The Cherry Tree is about a little girl, Mila, who sells epok-epoks to make money to buy chocolates. She also likes collecting celebrity cards. As Mila is selling the epok-epoks, her mom asks her to go in front of a house. When she walks past the house, she gets very scared because that house is […]

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Post #3: News Article

Singapore Worried by “Radicalized” Bangladeshi Workers In 2015, Singapore arrested 8 Bangladeshi migrants because they suspected they were planning terrorist attacks in Bangladesh. The leader of the group, Rahman Mizanur, was a very skilled worker that had been working in Singapore or 9 years before showing any signs of political involvement. He founded the ISB […]

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Post #2: Background Information

Population 5.85 Million 40% are foreigners 21,646 people per square mile Singapore has the 5th highest life expectancy at 84 years Singapore is a city-state so it is it’s own capital and country Singapore is an island just off the southern coast of the Malaysian Peninsula What is in Singapore? They have one of the […]

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Post #1

I chose to do m blog on Singapore. I chose this country because it is very beautiful and a very techy country. I hope to learn more about their technology and the history of how this country came to be.

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