Steel Heart backstory

It started with just needing something to do, something good so I wouldn’t give my  powers a bad name. My name is Robert Steelheart and I was born with special ability’s, a power I couldn’t control. So I looked into working with the government, and help bring down epics. I was going to save my city and become a hero!

I though it was going to be something that kinda just happened, that I would just be sent out to help. I should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy, they made me work before I could even try to be the hero I wanted to be.  They put me in and advanced program to see what I am able to do, and if I could  live up to the name that was given to me.

Most of these trials were physically challenging, but the ones that challenged me the most where the mental and emotional hypothetical’s. ” Say you were going into a burning building”… ” and you have the choice to save the building, or A young boy who just got kidnapped by the epic you have been Hunting down for weeks”? said Officer Derek Wright. He then walks over to look me in the eye as he say “Who do you save”? As I play a list of pros and cons in my head he continues to talk ” Because you can’t save everyone” I give my answer ” you save the boy, and you arrest the epic”. ” so you choose to save the boy”? I reply back ” yes, because someone else can put out the fire; I would only have one chance to save the boy and get the epic” he then says ” so  would risk letting hundreds of people die”?  I didn’t understand where I was wrong, ” cant I just save them all”?  He then responds with a sadness in his tone ” you will never be able to save them all” my last words to him  were ” I will,watch me”.

That was only the turning point, I was never the same after that interactions. Most of my thoughts and actions tended to be based on if I cant save everyone then I won’t save anyone at all. Soon they started to send me out on small missions. X3 Missions, I did so many; it felt as if I was stuck in a hole that kept going deeper. Honesty, most of them were me just helping out the police force with small crime. But I wanted more, I needed more; But nothing was good enough. Nothing filled the void, The hole I had been waiting to fill for so long, but nothing changed.

Then one morning I woke up to my officer telling me they have an XX5 mission waiting for me. Finally! The case was an armed robbery, something where I felt I could make my move and show that I was something more then a guy with powers. I then went into the office meeting where they were talking about the case; That’s when I learned that I was their last chance, and they were losing. So I thought to my self that if they can’t take care of the bad guy, I decided that I was going to try to be in control of the Epics causing the problems.

The day of the mission wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. After my follow up on the interrogation, I got put on the case to find the Epic DeathPoint. From all the research I was given, It seemed like they had been tracking him down for over the last Three months. Most of his crimes were smaller, But they all lead to one big robbery on 20th on park drive, next to the local mall. I was told to go in and bring him in for him to be set on trial. But I wasn’t going to let that happen; This has now become my city and I’m the only one left to protect it. Then a crazy thought came to mind, What if I recruited him? what if I had him play on my team.

It was 4:57Pm, most people were on there way home from work, This is when DeathPoint made his move. This time it was an armed robbery; As I waited for the second helpless citizens to run for cover, I went over my plan. It was perfect, It was going to work I knew it! without a doubt in my mind, at least that what I thought in that moment. I just had to wait and then go in at the perfect moment, the moment when I would be put down in the history books for good or for bad.

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  1. Sounds like he really put a lot of pressure on himself or at least felt that way. Nice background for Steelheart! Thanks Trinity. 🙂

    • I really loved your story! The introduction was captivating and the dialogue was easy to follow. The story was full of detail.

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