November 14, 2018

tell me about it

I  just  finished fairy tail season 5 and it was really and i am toddle existed for season 6 it was really great and i can,t what because season 5 was really good but it was kind of a cliffhanger and i would like to see what happen next’s plus a lot of people die



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November 12, 2018

The book i am reading

the two towers and dragon watch  i am reading the two towers at home and i am reading dragon watch at school but i really do not like it and it is boring and slew and kind of dum and stupid and  the way the book was made it really make,s me upset it is also really stick and long

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November 8, 2018

who am I and how do i want to be

I really need to get better at reading and being a better person and. I want to be a better student and a better friend and a cool reader and a faster reader and be more patient. I also need to be a happy er  person pus a quitter person  and a nice guy and to be came a better student and a better reader.


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October 25, 2018

how i did last term

i really did not cray but now i do and i think that i should have try,ed harder last term  but i was a really lases student  but this term i am going to do beater student and be a stronger student and it will help me be a beater person.


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October 12, 2018


THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY HAS THE BEAST STORY LINE THEN ALL THE BOOKS. I EVER READ THE PLOT LINE IS FANTASTIC AND THE WAY THEY PLAN THE STORY IS AMAZON. And the bad guys army  is really big and large and has a lot of weapons and lots of spy’s and men in there serve of the enemy. Pulls the story that camexs all the book in the trilogy’s and the Hobbit  is apart of the series. The author of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is J.R. R. Tolken. The genre is fantasy. I always like to read fantasy. I can’t read any other book really.

or then i get really amgree

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October 8, 2018

wat kind of author am i

i am the kind of author that keeps you in the story and hooks you to all of the story and my story’s make you cary about the character and the story line and the time pireed   and it helps you get to now your self better and these around you and the people in your life and the loved won,s in your life and your family and your story that are helping you full in love with your book and the character,s in the story and if a person in the story die,s then you fill the the lost and it makes you cary that he or she in now die.


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September 28, 2018


IT WAS REALLY WIRED STORY AND KIND OF  REALLY REALLY SUPPER DUM SHORT  STORY  AND ITS REALLY LONG AND BORING STORY AND IT IS A STORY ABOUT A NURSER AND THE KIDS DON,T WANT THE PARENTS TO TURN THE NURSER. AND THE PARENTS WONT LEAVE THE  NURSER ON AND SO THE KIDS DO THIN THING TO  THE PARENTS.they are insane and they need really professor  help and you are supper insane and crazy and mental and plus they   are super dum and kind of scary and creepy plus really wired and saspishes  and fishy and it is not really cool.


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September 26, 2018

the character that we all love

harry potter is the best character in the hole sires in all the books and so is roan because he stake with him in the hole sires. I also really like DOBE  he is very loie in all the books. And in all the movies in the series. he is really funny character in all the books although he dies he will live on in our hearts and in all the books and in the movies and all of then are really lite and they did a really  good job on all the books and the movies and the actars  are really good  in the show.


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