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Busy Worrying About the next World

so in to kill a mocking bird the character miss Maudie says “sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of” a man like Atticus.” this is something

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

climbing into another person’s skin. before I go on don’t do that it’s illegal and gross. anyway

this is something that Atticus tells scout to do in to kill a mockingbird. this is a saying that a lot people say and it just means that before you judge  someone take a look at their situation so that you will see why someone might do something or say something that might you think is strange if  there in a bad situation you might sympathizes with them and get along beter them if you didn’t consider there point of view. OK well bye

Where i’m from

all right so this I’ll be telling you all where I am from and how I ended up in pg. so my mom used to live in Idaho in burly Idaho to be specific she went to Utah to go to collage and met my dad there and then after that they moved to here Plesent grove Utah ( some things i typed might be wrong I might fix it later though) so that is where I’m from not the most exiting thing I know but hey that’s how It be sometimes. any way thank you for reading this hope you enjoyed bye

Getting to Know My Inner Voice

All right so the inner voice the voice that is inner and more specifically what I’ve learned from it. so my inner voice is just me thinking about what just happened or what i just read. I think it can be helpful when reading because it usually good to think about things so you don”t forget them and not forgetting things is always a good thing to have. the inner voice I have well… it’s just questions on what just happened why it happened and who or what did it


What would I miss most

alright so 1930’s a time much different from our current time of 2020. so if I were to o back to that time what would I miss most and it would have to be the fact that it wasn’t a stable economy and 13 million people didn’t have jobs. meaning they couldn’t afford much to support themselves and probably went hungry

A whole new year.

alright new year new me and that new me is going to try harder at not being incredibly far behind in school work. i terms of what i want to work for in school, well i just need to stop procrastinating and do what I need to do. now for what i’m going to do looking forward. i am going to design video games.for rest of the school year, procrastination is just something i need to stop and when I do my time in school will be so much better then every other year. so that’s the end of my post bye


Halfway gone

alright so that title isn’t talking about the word count but rather it’s talking about the reading time in this class and I have not read that many books. I’ve read 2. the 2  book were longish and i’m not that fast of a reader. But most of my reading time i read the textbook, and I like some of the short stories in them but the book i just started which is unwind it’s just such a good book read it if you haven’t yet because I know i will keep reading it a lot of times. alright so that’s the post bye

The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

I’ll be honest here and say I don’t remember most of the short stories we read other then 2 of them being “August 2026 there will come soft rains” and ” Harrison Bergeron” and of those 2 I liked “August 2026 there will come soft rains” a lot more

so “August 2026 there will come soft rains” is about an automated house that survived a nuclear bomb but the people who lived in said house didn’t. they died. I don’t know why this story is the one that sticks out me because I don’t connect with any thing in it but the way Ray Bradbury writes it is pretty cool. the way the house is personified  the way the tiny robot death mice are described it’s just strange to me and guess that’s why I remember it so much



The good stuff

Alright it’s time for thanksgiving and you know what that means. giving thanks, turkey, family time. today i’m going to focus on the whole giving thanks part of it. so what am I thankful for? well a few things. 1st just the concept of comedy. I mean i try to be funny doesn’t always work but luckily there are more people than me that are actually funny. so 2nd thing is people who have helped me with a lot of things mainly my parents. they helped me with a lot of stuff like schoolwork I didn’t understand and over what ever i needed help with at the time. so those are things i’m grateful for.


Everybody Was finally equal!

so I’m writing about how we as a society put down people who are exceptional I guess. Alright so in the story Harrison Bergeron it’s about a society is entirely equal. everyone that good is pulled down by handicaps put on to them

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