15 Nov 2019

Whats on my mind

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Well what’s on my mind right now is the new SpongeBob movie I actually just found out about, in the new trailer it looks like it’s going to be a chase for SpongeBob’s lost snail Gary who he thinks gets kidnaped and also Keanu Reeves is a tumbleweed and yeah they go looking for Gary all around the sea and maybe the land too I don’t know I have only just now seen the trailer and its a little bit different then the last movie this is there 3th movie by now but the 2nd was like this but it went from what it looks like in the show to what it looks like in the new movie. Also in the new movie, there is more detail and so yeah that’s it.

13 Nov 2019

Whats This Got To Do With Me?

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I could be that siblings don’t really get along with each other and fight and sometimes hurt there siblings really bad. Like cutting them with something sharp or breaking their bones or hitting them so hard they need stitches. It could also be something like you and your sibling are on two different teams and hurt the other if it was, for example, wrestling or football you could accidentally hurt them.

24 Oct 2019

Free Body And Soul Free

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Many things could make a person feel trapped for example being grounded form a party or a sleepover. Things that could make someone feel trapped could be almost anything that can hold them back, like not having enough money or not being able to go somewhere because their vehicle is broken or if someone had epilepsy and could not do fun things like go to a haunted house. A way you could “escape” you could say from what is making you feel trapped is to push through it and get what needs to be done, done. What it means to be “Free body and soul free” is that the person is realizing what has happened is not so much as a bad thing but that it turns out they are free from the prison they are holding them selfs in.

9 Oct 2019

The First Story I Read

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I do not remember the first story I read, I have no clue what it could be I could have been a 4-year-old when I read my first book and even when I can remember when I first started reading I don’t know the first book I remember. It could have been a simple book like Dr Seuss and it also could have been a book about the virtues of truth I have no clue. If I would take a guess to what my first book was it might have been Dr Seuss’s green eggs and ham book, in the end, I have no clue but that’s my best guess.

3 Oct 2019

What I’ve Been Reading

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I have been reading Ready Player One and I have gotten far in my book, I found out that the main character “Wade Watts” has moved by himself to Columbus Ohio to hide from the bad guys “IOI” and he has been hiding under there noses. I have been reading almost every time during reading times and paid attention to my book and not other things around me. I like to read this book and I wonder what will happen at the end, I think that Wade Watts will win the prize and expose IOI for the illegal things they do.

19 Sep 2019

What Would The Future be Like in 2095?

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I think the future would be more automated and things would be easier like the

13 Sep 2019

What am I Doing and What can I do Better

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I have been keeping almost As’ in every class and I always do my math homework and have not missed any yet. I will want to get an A in every class and get a 4.0 before this semester ends. I am hoping on getting a certificate for computer things and to get an A in that computer class. Right now that computer class is my favorite class until next semester but I will probably not be here next semester to go to that class, but yeah so far I have been doing work and not missing school I have only missed school once this summer but I made up for it in most of my classes.

11 Sep 2019

Who am I as a Writer?

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I don’t like writing but I write when I am in school for assignments. I write at school because I have to do pass, so I am a writer that rights for school because I need to. If I did not write at all then I would forget how to and if people stopped righting then no one would know how to write in the future and no one could communicate and advertise and stuff like that. So it is important that I am a writer because I will need writing skills for jobs so I can earn money.

5 Sep 2019

My Reading Journey

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I started reading when I had to because it was a requirement for school (at least when  remember when there was a requirement), I had to read an hour a day which was way too much for an 8-year-old to be reading out of school or at least I think it is, because I had to read for homework and I did not like it. I still read but not a lot. I usually only read when its a school requirement or it is a really good book and I enjoy the book I’m reading then I would read it outside of school other than that I don’t usually read.

29 Mar 2019

8th grade T4 Midterm Blog Post

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Its term 4 and my b-day is today