15 Nov 2019

Whats on my mind

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Well what’s on my mind right now is the new SpongeBob movie I actually just found out about, in the new trailer it looks like it’s going to be a chase for SpongeBob’s lost snail Gary who he thinks gets kidnaped and also Keanu Reeves is a tumbleweed and yeah they go looking for Gary all around the sea and maybe the land too I don’t know I have only just now seen the trailer and its a little bit different then the last movie this is there 3th movie by now but the 2nd was like this but it went from what it looks like in the show to what it looks like in the new movie. Also in the new movie, there is more detail and so yeah that’s it.

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  1. Kalea Says:

    ooou this sounds interesting ! i wanna see it now . it seems funny since i really like spongebob.

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