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For my book I am reading Unwind, by Neal Shusterman, the book takes place in the future, after a second civil war. In the book the characters (Risa, Connor, and Lev) move around a lot but at the beginning they start at Ohio, and in the middle of the book is in Missouri. In Unwind it is really important where the characters are because they are trying to hide and be safe and not get their location compromised.

The factors that are affecting the setting, well, they like to move around more at night, because it is harder to spot my characters and they can also spot police cars from a distance away. Weather hasn’t been a factor of setting really at all in my book so far. The characters spend most of their time inside.

The setting can change how my main characters think, right now in my book, my main characters are hiding in a cellar underneath an antique shop. How safe they feel depends on where they are and what they are doing at a certain time. Setting is very important in Unwind, because setting is the main thing on the characters minds all the time, until they are fully safe from being unwound. Setting is basically the whole book. 

Casting my Characters

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I think this guy, Tom Holland should play as Connor because in the book it says Connor has dirty blonde hair and has no tattoos, which Tom Holland has none, and in the book it says Connor is tall, and Tom is 5″8.

I this this girl could play as Risa, Connor friend, because in the book it says Risa has long brown hair, and that she is pretty and tall, so is this actor.



As the villain I chose Connor’s dad because he signed the Unwind order. I chose Alan Rickman as the dad because in the book it said his dad is strict and stern look, the book also says he’s mean looking. Not to be rude, but Alan Rickman would be the perfect fir for that sort of character. It is kind of hard to choose a villain in the book, because there isn’t a main villain, just the Juvey Cops.

For my random character I’m chose is the old Lady Sonia, and I chose Carrie Fischer to do her, because in the book it said shes old, so is Carrie Fischer, and shes so old she needs a cane, it alo says shes snappy and sassy, which is perfect for her.

Term 4 Blog

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The term 4 book I chose to read is Unwind, By Neal Shusterman. I chose it because it looked pretty interesting and when I read the back it sounded really interesting, so I knew I had to read the book


 The books level is teens, probably 13-16 or something. The age of my main character is around fourteen or fifteen so I think the reading level is perfect for the age of the main character of the book I’m reading.

Neal Shusterman won the ALA for this book for young adults. Nominated four twelve-state reading awards. He also writes screenplay for some movies such as Goosebumps as well as other movies like Animorphs and as well as other movies that are good.

My character sounds very mature even though i’ve only read like two pages and my bottle is gonnabe good

Personal Quest Blog

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A challenge I have overcome is track, because I needed to get in shape so my parents made me sign up. I overcame it because I was good about it and went to all the practices and meets and I did OK, so it was livable in some parts. I would say I learned a lot but I really didn’t and it was terrible and I hated it. Who was with me to help me get through it was my friends because there were actually a lot of people I knew that did track and it was good cause we talked the whole time while running so it was good.

A time that I did something that changed how I look at life was going on vacation to Guatemala, and it changed it because everybody lived in dirt and were so poor, and when I would go to restaurants we would eat good food but sometimes when we would be walking we would see someone eating meat that they hadn’t cooked all the way and it had bugs all over it and it was nasty and it changed me a little bit because i’m lucky I was born in a clean country and into a family that cared about me and how much things I have and it’s good. So i’m a lucky person.

Christmas Blog

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Over Christmas break I did a lot of cool stuff. I went to Temple square and saw the lights with my priesthood group, and it was really cool because there are so many lights and it looked nice. I also saw the new star wars with my family, but it wasn’t as good as I thought it wold be. I sledded, skiing and stuff like that. I also went to the new Harry Potter store at the Mall and tat was cool, but small.

The book I have chosen to read for the term three is the 2nd book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I chose this book because I really liked the other books of the series and they were interesting so I think this one will be interesting. This book was written by J.K Rowling ( The reading level of my book is on the website 9-12 years because it has wizarding and stuff, but anyone, even adults can enjoy this book,

My one goal/resolution for this year is that I will read more during this year especially during the summer, I read and stuff, but usually only when I have to, like during reports ad things like that, I never just really sit down and read a book, so I need to do that this year.


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It took me way longer than I wanted to finish Ender’s Game, it was 323 pages long, and days before the report I was staying up for hours, reading and reading. I didn’t feel rushed, I just didn’t make good use of my time. I could have made it way easier on myself if I would have read more at the beginning and not cram 200 pages till’ the end. Next quarter I would change how I would manage my time and read about ten pages a day.

The blog posts were pretty easy, you had to do so many of them that they became fluent to do. The hard parts were thinking were trying to get enough stuff on my blog, because you had to do mostly 200 and up words per blog post, so it was kind of hard to manage my words. What I wish was different was that I would change how many words you had to put on, because most of the time, I would have to work super hard to get to 200 words. Otherwise than that its good

What I liked about my book report was how smooth it was, I knew exactly what to say and when to say it. The journal thing was also pretty easy to me because my character thought a lot in the book so I would just write his thoughts. I would probably wish what was different about my book report was how late I prepared it, I wish I would have done the extra credit but I was too lazy. If I could do t over, I would’ve probably wrote more on my journal thing.

If I could start the term over, what I would do differently would be the blog posts, I would write more on them and do other things to make them better. What I would do the same would be my book report probably because I thought my book report was pretty dang good.


My Book Plot

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My book is Ender’s Game, it has a lot of plot structures, it has ascension, because Ender gets to be the strongest and most powerful and best out of everybody at battle school. It has adventure, because the goal is to become stronger than the aliens. It has a lot of maturation, Ender is a child but throughout the book you see him take charge and being to boss people around, and to become a very mature child.

There is quite a few conflicts, one of them is man vs man, because Ender is going against other kids at the battle school and going agaisnt them in battles. Another one is man vs supernatural because the whole point of the book is man against aliens. The main conflict is definitely man vs supernatural, because the whole books main point is training children to fight aliens basically.

I have not read all of the book yet, but so far my favorite part is when all those older kids go and fight Ender and they are way older than him and his troop and stuff, but Ender is strong enough to beat all of them up that he fights.


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My book is Ender’s Game, the main character is Ender Wiggin. He has a very interesting personality. He is a very dynamic character. Another main character so far in the book is Colonel Graff, he is very mysterious, he is in the book a little so far, but he is such big character. He is a very flat character.

The most major character that is not a main character in Alai, Ender’s best friend, he is Ender’s sidekick, he is always by his side and he will never leave. He has basically been Ender’s friend since the beginning. Another sidekick he has is Valentine, she is always by Ender’s side throughout the whole book and loves him more than any other character in the whole book. She even loves him more than their own parents. Valentine are trying to change the way the world is and about Ender and the I.F.

The antagonist is probably Colonel Graff and (or) The I.F., Valentine and Peter are trying to change the world and get rid of the I.F. and Valentine is trying to get Ender back. They think the I.F. is fake and the aliens are dead but colonel Graff and the I.F. are against that. You could say that the I.F. is the nemesis, the undefeatable foe. They have the whole world under their noses telling them that the aliens will come back and the world bows to them. The I.F is basically the king of the whole book.


Main Character: Central character, character that the book is built around.

Major Character: Character that is central to development of stories conflict.

Minor Character: Don’t move plot at all or barely, but they CAN be very important in a book

Static/Flat Character: Do not change, stereotype

Dynamic/Round: Unique character, mix of good and bad, round qualities

Protagonist: For change

Antagonist: Against change

Nemesis: Ultimate, undefeatable foe, source of ruin, something related to vengeance

Sidekick: Always by side, never leave, someone to always depend on, infinitely loyale



My Favorite Book

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This book holes is by Louis Sachar, it is 240 pages long, and it’s genre is Fiction. This is my favorite book because the characters have a lot of personality and a lot of self-build throughout the book. I enjoyed reading it the whole entire book. Its reading level is age 10 and up. And it its grade reading level is grade 5 and up. There is a movie for this book, and it is exactly like the book. I enjoyed it more because I read it before I watched the movie.

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