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3 days ago there was a Saudi Arabian oil cruiser was hit by an external object. This caused a fire among this oil ship. The fire was eventually put out and with zero casualties and minimum damage. this got the everyone curious what exactly happened. The Captain believes it was Yemen bad guys who tried to destroy the ship.this was said to the press. “condemned the terrorist attack, which came shortly after other attacks on another ship in al-Shuqaiq, on the petroleum products distribution station in north Jeddah, and on the floating unloading platform of the petroleum products distribution station in Jizan”. This Attack is the 4th of its kind in the last little bit. 3 oil  plants also overcome by a strange “Accident.” Now we know what you’re thinking. “Why would the bad Yemen what to do this? They would try to do these attacks because Saudi is helping out the other side of Yemen during the civil war in the country. Yemen isn’t a whole while away from Saudi Arabia in fact they’re right next to each other. You could say the bad Yemen isn’t to fond with Saudi Arabia putting their noses into Yemens business. Although there isn’t hard facts concerning this theory, its not as far fetched as it seems.  A couple months ago Yemen had a massive explosion kill a lot of it citizens. Everything concerning that was swept under the rug. If Yemen has already been caught doing some shady actions who’s to say they didn’t charge with these attacks?  Some might say its a conspiracy theory, I say its intellectual thinking to believe they might have played part in these attacks. This has put Saudi in a state of unrest as they want to get to the bottom of this.. I used BBC news to obtain this information.

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Saudi Arabia is a Country in Asia. The Location of it is on a peninsula by Africa. The Estimated population of this great country is 33.7 Million people. The growth in population is steadily moving its way up. The Capital of this Country is Riyadh. Riyadh is home to 27 Million people!! The Capital alone makes up for 73% of the Country. The Majority of the Country falls under the Muslim Religon. This majority is estimated about 84% of the Country. The Second largest religion in the country is Shiba. This accounts for 10-15 percent of the country. A huge attraction in the major city is the Masmak Fortress. This is a 19th Century palace. It was erected in 1865 for the ruler of the land, Mohammed al Rasheed. .It has survived a fairly long time. It has even witnessed a violent ambush. It is now a Museum of  history of Riyadh. The Language spoken in Saudi Arabia is Arabic, However English is also widely spoken across the country. Due to the extreme heat that this country lives in, Only 2% of the land is used for cultivation. These farms are mainly located in the Southwestern part of the country. There are not a lot of jobs in agriculture because of the small percentage of land used for farming. In 1938 oil was discovered. This was absolutely huge for the country!! I really helped them build wealth and create a name for themselves. To this day Saudi Arabia plays a huge role in oil production. They account for 19% of the oil used by every other country.



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I have chosen to do my research on Saudi Arabia I chose to do my research on this Country because I want to learn more about culture. I’ve heard of stereotypes but i really wanted to dive into how the country actually is. I expect to further my knowledge by quite a lot by doing this research project. -Tyler Smith

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