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Acid attack

There are acid attacks in Cambodia they are very common there and the government will not give free treatment to every that has been in a acid attack when they say they will. Most of the attacks have happen to the women and one women got attacked 5 different times with acid and has perm init damage to herself. They mostly happen because of a triangle relationship and the women is always the one to blame so the men ether do it them selves or hire other men to do it for them. The state haven’t  done much to stop these attacks in fact there was a government official that was cheating on his wife with a 16 year old and his wife sent this men to go and beat her up and throw acid on her. After all of that all investigation stopped and dropped all charges.The government needs to step up and start taking care of there people and need to pay for peoples treatment.


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16 million people live in Cambodia and most of the people live in rural areas. The Capital is Phnom Penh and over 1.5 million people live there. Siem Reap is another big city but only has 150,000 people living there and there are old temples people can visit There main language is Khmer and there main religion is Buddhism. Cambodia is becoming a big part of tourism and they hope to start doing oil and gas reserves. 1991 Paris and Cambodia sign a piece agreement.They have ancient ruins of Angkor  that are very popular tourist attractions.


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