Blog #3 Can India’s Wild Elephants Find A Haven In Tea Gardens?

India is one of the biggest tea cultivators in the world, and India, and India has a lot of elephants. elephants and tea farms don’t really work. India has killed a lot of elephants for tea, and because the elephants are endangered, someone named Mr.Bodosa, wants to put this war at rest. he wants to make an elephant friendly farm, so the elephants don’t ruin the crops, and the elephants don’t kill the workers in self-defence. this is all from the article”Can India’s Wild Elephants Find a Haven In Tea Gardens?” and I got it from EBSCO.

The elephants think that the tea farms are part of their habitat, because all of those plants, they feel really safe in the farms, so they go there regularly. but on the human side, the elephants are destroying their crops! and they don’t want that, so they shoo the elephants, nut the elephants don’t want to be shoo’d so they stand their ground, then it breaks into a deadly fight. ““Very often the elephants would destroy fences, uproot trees, and terrorize the employees,” says Mr. Bodosa. “That was when I got the idea that there must be a way to coexist peacefully.”” From that article Mr.Bodosa wants them to be together peacefully, so he got the elephant friendly farm.

From the sound of it, Mr. Bodosa has created the elephant friendly farm, and now has people supporting him, and even have other companies doing the same, to get better reputation, to sell more tea. and it seems like that the India tea companies are working with elephants, now and not against them.

Assam gives Birth to the World's first Elephant Friendly Tea Garden | by  Shyam Sunder Reddy | Medium

Post #2 – Background information

1.3 billion people are living in India, and their most populated city is delhi. indias capitol is New Delhi, with about 22 million people there. another city that is well populated is Mumbai, with 18 million people there. mumbai has a lot of things to see, like the gate way of India. the top two languages spoken in India are Hindi, and english. there is about 800 million people in poverty in india, and 1.4 milion children die because of diseases that couldn’t have been cured without money. India is a pretty religious country, with 79% being hinduism and the next religeon is Islamic, at 14%. all other religeons have a combined 5%.

India | History, Map, Population, Economy, & Facts | Britannica

Why I chose India

India is a beautiful country, and I want to share that with everyone. India is a pretty big country, and I feel like its becoming one of the big countries. Some of the questions I have about India is what kind of attractions do they have? what is the main reason tourists are going there? those kin of questions.

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