Strange Fruit

This poem was really interesting  for me to read. Not going to lie it was kind of confusing at times just because I did not know what to think because i was confused.  But then it made me want to watch a movie about something like this, yes i know really random.  Anyway this poem was really cool to read but it was also really sad at the same time.  It was sad because black people got treated like crap in the olden days. Which makes me sad to think about. Anyway this was a really cool poem to read.

4 thoughts on “Strange Fruit

  1. Yeah the poem was really good. I think if they had a movie about that, it would be one of the saddest movies ever because none of the people deserved what happened to them. Even if they did deserve it, that is one of the worst ways to kill someone, ya know?

  2. I agree, the poem was good but super sad. Black people had to deal with a lot of crap back then, and in some places they still do, and I think that’s kind of crazy.

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