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I am currently reading the book The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. This book takes place in multiple different places but the main place the book is set, is in The Hinterland. The Hinterland is a place within The Hazel Wood which is a dark forest like area. Most of the book also takes place at night. This is shown by how dark it is and how tired the characters are at the beginning of almost every chapter. In this book, the author decides to “drag out” the night more than the day by describing more of what goes on at night.

For example, when one of the characters named Twice-Killed Katherine enters the book, the author takes up most of the chapter describing the main character’s interaction with her at night and how they avoid her throughout the next few chapters. The author will often times show how cold and windy it is as the characters are traveling on their journey throughout the book. When the main character, Alice, first enters The Hazel Wood/The Hinterland, the author describes the trees and the leaves that are there having copper like colors. This helps show that it’s Fall.

The different characters throughout the different locations and settings of this book, all have different reactions. Again, when Alice enters The Hazel Wood, it’s an entirely different place than where she lives. The setting changes Alice by not acting like her “normal” 17 year old self she is when she’s out of The Hazel Wood. She finds out new things about herself and it also changes her point of view on how she looks at other people. Alice finds out things about her past and why she “belongs” in The Hazel Wood. This is where bad luck really gets to her and her mood completely changes as well.



Casting Your Character

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Holly Madison as Alice Proserpine

First, my book says, “I’m small, with blonde hair and dark eyes,” and this describes Holly Madison because she has blonde hair with dark brown eyes. Second, my book says, “…her hair ran over her back in a Barbie sweep,” and this describes Holly Madison because in this picture some of her hair is swept onto her back. Third, my book says, “She was me, me with my hair grown long,” and this describes Holly Madison because her hair is long.






Andrew Rannells as Ellery Finch

First, my book says, “…his hair grew in every direction,” and this describes Andrew Rannells because in this picture his hair is swooped back in different directions. Second, my books says, “…and his eyes were…brown,” and this describes Andrew Rannells because his eyes are brown. Third, my book says, “He dressed kinda like old photos,” and this describes Andrew Rannells because in this picture he is wearing “old fashioned” clothing.





Rupert Grint as Carhartt Man

First, my book says, “And a man in…sunglasses sitting near the door,” and this describes Rupert Grint because in this picture he is wearing sunglasses. Second, my book says, “He wore a stocking cap,” and this describes Rupert Grint because in this picture he is wearing a beanie. Third, my book says, “His read hair was hidden,” and this describes Rupert Grint because he is red hair.







Angelina Jolie as Ella Proserpine

First, my book says, “Next to him in a dark strapless sheath,” and this describes Angelina Jolie because in this picture she is wearing a black strapless dress. Second, my book says, “…and a shock of wild hair, Ella looked like a black poppy,” and this describes Angelina Jolie because in this picture her hair looks kind-of crazy. Third, my book says, “Her dress seemed designed to call attention to the tattoo climbing up her arm,” and this describes Angelina Jolie because she has a tattoo on her arm.

Term 4 Book Report Book

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The book I have chosen to read for term four is “The Hazel Wood” by Melissa Albert. I chose this book because the front cover looked really cool and summary of the book sounded like something I would like. 

The reading level for this book is on a high school reading level (16). I know this because it has to do with teens and family issues. The age of my main character is 17 years old.

I’m not aware of any awards that the author of this book has won and there is no movie for this book. I’m also not sure if this book is well known in Utah but in the book it talks about how the main character and he family lived in Utah. This book is special because it is my author’s first novel.

Some of the things I know about the main character of this book is that she is a girl, her name is Alice, she’s 17 years old, she’s short, and she has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. In my message in a bottle, I’m planning to tell about her childhood and personality.

My Reading: Self Evaluation

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I got a 1091 on my reading index test. I think my score before was around 1100, so this shows that I did worse than before. This score also shows that I should be pushing myself to be reading books that are more suitable for my grade level. The reason my score is lower than before, is because I’m reading books that most of my friends read when they were in fifth grade. If I can be motivated to read “harder” books, I can improve that score by the end of term four.

For my term 3 book report I read the book “Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters” by Rick Riordan. A couple of things I liked about the book was the way the characters were brought back into the story and that in every chapter there was a new mission/trial. The only thing I had an issue with, was that it was really easy to get lost and caught up in the story line. One of the things that I liked about the book report was that I was able to be creative with the summary and front cover. I don’t wish that I could have done anything different, but in a perfect world I wish I could have snapped my fingers and it would have been finished for me.

My plans for fourth term is to keep my 4.0 GPA and be on top of everything so that I don’t have to stress when fourth term is about to end. The book that I am going to be reading for fourth term is “The Hazel Wood” by Melissa Albert. I didn’t chose this book because I heard about it during our group book reports. I chose this book because the front cover looked interesting and the summary sounded like something I would like.

Call to Adventure

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My life is very ordinary. It’s just like anyone else’s life my age. The daily routine I follow is pretty basic. First, I wake up, eat breakfast, and then get ready to go to school. Next, I get dropped off at school around 7:50 in the morning and usually end my day at 2:45 in the afternoon (six and a half hours of school). I then head home and have a snack. Once I have done this, I get started on my homework, do my daily chores, and then I hangout. Finally I eat dinner, hangout some more, and then I go to bed. I repeat this routine five days a week.

One of the things I have always wanted to do, ever since I was a little kid, was play on a basketball team. I didn’t care if I was on the worst team or the best team and I didn’t care if I was the worst player or the best player, I just wanted to play the game. My parents signed me up for junior jazz when I was in third grade and I loved it. I have two siblings and when they saw that I was playing a sport, they wanted to too. My parents decided that if we were all going to play a sport, we were all going to do it together. That’s the year when my parents signed all of us up for gymnastics. I was in fourth grade and did gymnastics for one and a half years. In fifth, sixth, and seventh grade, I went back to playing basketball because my siblings found sports that they enjoyed more than gymnastics. This year I am in eighth grade and I’m currently trying to achieve the goal of making it onto the high school basketball team.

One of the things that is holding me back form achieving my goal is the fact that I didn’t play basketball this year. I had told my parents that I really wanted to play this year because I was finally good at it. This would have been the fourth year in a row that I have played the sport. I kept asking my parents about signups but they never got around to it. My mom also didn’t want sports to interfere with school.

My mentors are my friends and family. When I get home form school, my mom almost always tells me to go outside and practice on my shots. My uncle also works at Oak Canyon Junior High School, so he always invites my family to go over and shoot hoops with him and his family. Almost all of my friends play a sport and some of them play basketball, so they’re always inviting me to practice with them and they always tell me how good I am. I’m crossing my fingers that I can make the high school basketball team!


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An experience that has given me a new way of looking at life, was when I was in 4th grade and my family got in a terrible car accident. This was the year that my dad got remarried and we were living up in Salt Lake City. We had just bought an apartment and my dad didn’t know the area too well. It was a Friday night and my family and I were going to go get something to eat. My dad was driving and it was late at night. He got into what he thought was a turning lane and went to turn but hit a median pole. The median pole spun us so that we were facing on coming traffic and a car couldn’t see us too well and hit us again. After the airbags went off and the car was full of smoke, I thought it was just a dream. Luckily there were two missionaries that were walking by and they gave my sister a blessing who wasn’t waking up. I thought she was dead. My sister had to be life-lighted to the Primary Children’s hospital in a helicopter. She ended up having brain damage which made her go cross-eyed, her left arm was broken due to the position of the seat belt, and she also had a gnarly scar on her hip due to the seat belt. My dad only had some whiplash and a bloody nose but I only had a sprang ankle. We had to be taken to two different hospitals in two different ambulances. Now, my brother is the lucky one. I call him Superman because he didn’t get hurt at all! After about a year of recovery, my family was finally healed. (Including my sister.) This experience made me view my life in a totally different way, because it made me realize how much I really loved and cared for my family.

A time that someone pushed me to do something I didn’t want to do but now I’m glad they did, was when my grandpa pushed me to study for my school spelling bee when I was in 5th grade. I really wanted to win the school spelling bee in 5th grade because I was going to try to compete in it when I was in 4th grade but then I got in car accident and wasn’t able to. I told my self that I could just study during my free time but my grandpa told me that I needed to study like I was about to take a test. He told me that studying for it needed to be apart of my homework. I needed to do it whenever I had the chance to. My grandpa helped me to memorize the words in different ways. I had to write it down, say it, spell it, sound it out, etc. I ended up winning my class spelling bee the week before and that meant I got to move onto the school spelling bee. I was up against a kid named Karson Haskel and he spelled ragout wrong. Karson spelled it rugou. In order for me to eliminate him, I had to spell it the right way. Once I eliminated him, I had to spell epicurean to be announced the winner of the competition. I spelled it right and won the school spelling bee! Without my grandpa pushing me to study, I most likely wouldn’t have been able to win.






Term 3 Blog Update

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During Christmas break I spent a lot of time with my family and did many things. One of our family traditions is making gingerbread houses and doing a white elephant Christmas Eve morning. This year, my family rented out our club house and we did it there. Every year we also go to my grandma’s house and do a gift exchange. My grandma usually orders a 6 foot sandwich for the entire family on Christmas Eve but this year they were closed so we had to make our own. I got many presents and so did my two dogs. I really enjoyed the break.

For this term I have chosen to read Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. I chose this book because I have already read the first one in the series and this one came second. The reading level for this book is 10-14 years. I can’t wait to read it!

For the year of 2018, I have made some new year goals. One of them is to keep my 4.0 g.p.a. (straight A’s) throughout the rest of the school year and I am half way there. I really want to complete this goal.

Reader Response

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I really liked the poem “ME” by Walter de la Mare. The message is what I connected to the most. I felt like the poem was saying to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else because everybody is already taken. This poem relates to me because sometimes I tell myself that I’m not good enough and I need to be “the” best. At times when I try to be like someone else, I don’t find enjoying myself. All I need to do is remind myself that I am me and no one else. No one can be the same as someone else in every way. Even twins and triplets are different, even if they look alike.

This picture represents me because I am a very laid back person. I just go with the flow and go where life takes me just like a feather. I also felt like this picture represented my theme song.  


End of Term

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This term I read the book Mysteries of Cove, Fires of Invention, by J. Scott Savage and it took me about two months to finish it. I didn’t feel rushed at all. I felt like I had plenty of time to comfortably read it and I read about fifteen pages each day. I could have made it easier on myself by writing down a short summary of what I read each day which would of made it a lot easier to do my book report. If I had to change one thing for next quarter, I would change how much I read each day.

While I was reading my book, I was assigned to do blog posts. Most of these didn’t require a lot of extra time and were fairly easy. There were only a few that I thought were difficult and took up some of my time. There were sometimes when the only thing that we worked on during the class period and I wish that was different because I’m not a big fan of writing/typing.

I absolutely loved the book report. I really liked that there were many options for me to choose from and I liked that in almost everyone, you had to be creative. There’s nothing I would change about my book report. I would only change needing quotes in almost all of the other book reports and the time frame from when we were expected to finish the book to the day it was due. If I had to do my book report all over again, I wouldn’t change the book report itself. The only thing I would do is to try to finish the book earlier.

If I had to start term one all over, the only thing I would do differently is dropping out of Hope Squad. I would only do this because so far it has put a lot of pressure onto me and I have missed a lot of things in all of my classes, which meant that I had extra homework. Other than that, I would probably do everything else the same. To be honest, I feel great about term one. I like all of my classes and I am doing really good in all of them. I have straight A’s and I have no missing assignments.


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In the book Mysteries of Cove, Fires of Invention by J. Scott Savage, there are a few very important objects that symbolize many other things. One of these objects are Trenton Coleman’s tools. This object is important because if Trenton didn’t have them, him and Kallista wouldn’t be able to put the parts of the dragon together and back together again. This is also important because if the dragon never got put together/back together again, Trenton and Kallista wouldn’t have been able to fight off the actual dragon that would have destroyed their entire city. This object is what helped them become heroes/new leaders of Cove.

The book cover for this book is a picture of Trenton Coleman riding on the mechanical dragon outside of Cove that him and Kallista built. The people that the author is marketing this book to is teenage boys. I know this because it has a fire-breathing dragon on the front of it with very dark colors that are not really appealing to girls. If I had to change the front cover of this book, I would add Kallista Babbage riding on the dragon with Trenton as well because both of them built the dragon and saved the city. 

Trenton and Kallista have to save them and their city’s lives from being destroyed by fire-breathing dragons that have been attacking them for ages. The way the author explains this, is showing in every chapter that the main focus is trying to find the parts to the mechanical dragon, building the mechanical dragon, and/or saving the city from the dragon on the outside world.

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