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In my soundtrack I put as many songs that I like and fit into telling the story of internment. I personally love the way they would go together and hope anyone reading this would agree. One thing I didn’t like about the book was that it felt like I had to do muslim songs which I still didn’t because it would seem like I just looked them up. At the end of the book I really hated it how they killed off Jake. Personally this was my favorite character and I hated seeing it happen and sad that it happened in general.  I personally love the song ‘lifes a mess’ by juice wrld and couldn’t imagine this soundtrack without it. I also think the song ‘can you feel my heart’ is a good fit for this book. Since I feel like this book is all about the feelings that are hard to express.

Book show & tell golden acorn

A Regular kid named Jack find the Golden acorn that allows him to see and hear other beings and creatures from another world that he didn’t believe was anything but legend. When he picked up the acorn it basically signed them up for a task and adventure that he never planned on going on. Being just an ordinary kid this adventure was very difficult for him. Not many people will really like this book. Although I would recommend it to people that want an easy read that you don’t feel the need to get very involved in.

blog #6 internment

For picture number one I took a picture over the fence of this almost desert like field behind my house. This is to represent all the times that they mention them feeling dirty or their teeth feeling gritty.

For picture two I took a picture of our back patio. It is fenced in and there isn´t much space to even look at. This is to represent how they were caged in and felt cramped.

The third picture is of my dogs shock collar that we no longer use. It has kept her listening to us. (we only ever used the beeper since it did the trick and didn´t need to use the shock or buzz all that often since they didn´t help with her.) This idea though to keep people in check also applies to the electric fence that is strong enough to kill someone just with a touch.

Photo four is of my basement that isn´t scary whatsoever with the lights on but with them off your imagination can go wild. This is to refer to the fact that they didn´t know what would happen to them in the beginning. They also felt like the escape was so close yet seemed so far with little light shed on it.

The fifth image is of a baseball park that I live next to. There were some ball games but since my dog isn´t the best people person we stayed away. This was to represent that they felt like they were forced away from society because of who they are and what they believe.

The final image is just of me walking my dog. This is one of my favorite things to do with her. This relates to how they were forced to leave what they love to do and the people they loved the most. None of them expected any of it but all had to suffer the same.

I feel like the conflicts in this story are almost at the climax but I like the details they kept in and skipped over for ease of reading.  In the beginning everything seemed to move fast. All of a sudden time flew by and we didn´t even know. I feel like things are starting to slow down though as we are coming to the final parts of the book.

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I feel like in this book the biggest theme is being anti-semitism. Almost like slavery, and there is a solid difference between the two. This is more of the European suppression of other races and religions. Survivors of the Holocaust are major informers of this topic. This book has a lot to do with this topic due to it being a novel about if the Germans won the war. I feel like this book is doing a good job of showing what it would be like if this was an issue now-a-days. I haven´t read any issue-driven books before but they are really interesting to read.

book show and tell

So I chose the book ´The Road´. It is a book about a boy and a man that have to survive on the bare minimum in a post-apocalypse world. They go through a lot of struggles and have to push through them as a team. Throughout the book they are referred to as the boy and the man. This however doesn´t keep you from getting attached to them.

I loved this book and I wish I could add more detail without giving too much of the story away. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to be on the edge of their seat in a book. It is a real thrill to read through it with the amount of detail put into it.

post #3

The bookish things I love

Seeing characters face the same difficulties that I have felt.- I feel like it makes characters more relatable and lovable but at the same time I love seeing characters living without my problems to sort of see a world of different problems.

Finding fanart of characters-  I  love being able to see other people’s perspective on what they might look like.

When a series has consistent covers- It’s very simple but nice to see them all together.

The light and enthusiasm given when someone is explaining a story- The reaction given from other people makes it feel like you have something to look forward to when talking about it or just reading it.

When an audio book reader brings life to the story- impressions are the biggest part to a good audio book. Adding character to the story is huge for me considering I do better at catching details of a book when I hear it.


The perfect setting for reading (in my opinion)

In my large room I have a lamp side table with a lamp next to my bed. It is a very simple and empty room. I would open my window wide open with the lights low enough to read and look out to see the stars if I want. Laying there in my bed with some very basic music in the background. No music that would distract me from what Is happening in the book but just to avoid the void of silence my large room creates. For emphasis on how big my room is, you can fit two king size beds in it and still have room to do yoga if you want. I definitely don’t need that much room but you won’t see me complaining about being able to do a cart wheel whenever I want without hitting a wall. I may hit the ceiling though.

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Steelheart formerly known as Paul Jackson as a teen had been through the foster system since very little. When he was little his father was very abusive towards him and his mom. Finally he had had enough, and attacked his dad when his mom had been beat for hours. Paul lunged at his father knocking him over and hitting his head, and killing him. When the police arrived they took him into the foster system due to him having no family to go to.

For 6 years he stayed in the system running away and causing problems whenever he had the chance. When he was 18 he moved out and continued to cause problems and was eventually arrested and sent to prison. When he was 19 he gained the powers he has now. Without a care for the society that wouldnt help him he kept to his normal ways and killed anyone he seemed fit.

Finally he had changed his name to Steelheart, inspired by his power to change things to steel. He eventually grew fond of a girl that was on equal fighting ground as him. They were a great pair of villains and companions. Nobody could fight them especially when they were together but Nightfire (girl) wanted more than she had.

This led to the problem of trust between them. Nightfire was being very suspicious and going behind his back, and hiding things from him. One day she attacked him and knocked him to a serious state of health. ¨Why would you do this?¨ said steelheart not knowing that she had planned this from the start. ¨I want to be the best and I cant get there if you are by my side.¨ said Nightfire.  ¨I loved you Nightfire! ¨I would have never done this to you! We could have done it all together!¨ steelheart screamed. ¨Im done with you¨ Nightfire said as she kicked him off the side of the building while he falls to the ground covered in a shroud of darkness.

Post #1

Hello blog! My name is Kade and I have been reading since I was little. I’ve never been a big reader so I don’t have any favorites. I do like to read a nice science fiction book in a quiet place like my room or a library. I also like to read multiple books at the same time. It keeps things interesting.

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