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The bookish things I love

Seeing characters face the same difficulties that I have felt.- I feel like it makes characters more relatable and lovable but at the same time I love seeing characters living without my problems to sort of see a world of different problems.

Finding fanart of characters-  I  love being able to see other people’s perspective on what they might look like.

When a series has consistent covers- It’s very simple but nice to see them all together.

The light and enthusiasm given when someone is explaining a story- The reaction given from other people makes it feel like you have something to look forward to when talking about it or just reading it.

When an audio book reader brings life to the story- impressions are the biggest part to a good audio book. Adding character to the story is huge for me considering I do better at catching details of a book when I hear it.


The perfect setting for reading (in my opinion)

In my large room I have a lamp side table with a lamp next to my bed. It is a very simple and empty room. I would open my window wide open with the lights low enough to read and look out to see the stars if I want. Laying there in my bed with some very basic music in the background. No music that would distract me from what Is happening in the book but just to avoid the void of silence my large room creates. For emphasis on how big my room is, you can fit two king size beds in it and still have room to do yoga if you want. I definitely don’t need that much room but you won’t see me complaining about being able to do a cart wheel whenever I want without hitting a wall. I may hit the ceiling though.

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