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In my soundtrack I put as many songs that I like and fit into telling the story of internment. I personally love the way they would go together and hope anyone reading this would agree. One thing I didn’t like about the book was that it felt like I had to do muslim songs which I still didn’t because it would seem like I just looked them up. At the end of the book I really hated it how they killed off Jake. Personally this was my favorite character and I hated seeing it happen and sad that it happened in general.  I personally love the song ‘lifes a mess’ by juice wrld and couldn’t imagine this soundtrack without it. I also think the song ‘can you feel my heart’ is a good fit for this book. Since I feel like this book is all about the feelings that are hard to express.

Book show & tell golden acorn

A Regular kid named Jack find the Golden acorn that allows him to see and hear other beings and creatures from another world that he didn’t believe was anything but legend. When he picked up the acorn it basically signed them up for a task and adventure that he never planned on going on. Being just an ordinary kid this adventure was very difficult for him. Not many people will really like this book. Although I would recommend it to people that want an easy read that you don’t feel the need to get very involved in.

blog #6 internment

For picture number one I took a picture over the fence of this almost desert like field behind my house. This is to represent all the times that they mention them feeling dirty or their teeth feeling gritty.

For picture two I took a picture of our back patio. It is fenced in and there isn´t much space to even look at. This is to represent how they were caged in and felt cramped.

The third picture is of my dogs shock collar that we no longer use. It has kept her listening to us. (we only ever used the beeper since it did the trick and didn´t need to use the shock or buzz all that often since they didn´t help with her.) This idea though to keep people in check also applies to the electric fence that is strong enough to kill someone just with a touch.

Photo four is of my basement that isn´t scary whatsoever with the lights on but with them off your imagination can go wild. This is to refer to the fact that they didn´t know what would happen to them in the beginning. They also felt like the escape was so close yet seemed so far with little light shed on it.

The fifth image is of a baseball park that I live next to. There were some ball games but since my dog isn´t the best people person we stayed away. This was to represent that they felt like they were forced away from society because of who they are and what they believe.

The final image is just of me walking my dog. This is one of my favorite things to do with her. This relates to how they were forced to leave what they love to do and the people they loved the most. None of them expected any of it but all had to suffer the same.

I feel like the conflicts in this story are almost at the climax but I like the details they kept in and skipped over for ease of reading.  In the beginning everything seemed to move fast. All of a sudden time flew by and we didn´t even know. I feel like things are starting to slow down though as we are coming to the final parts of the book.