Blog #4: Short Story

Legend of the Simurgh

In the story “Legend of the Simurgh” it is about a bird that nests in the tree of knowledge. He was flying over the ground and one of its beautiful colorful feathers fell to the ground. All the birds were so addicted to the color that they all went to the place where the feather had fallen. All the birds decided they were going to find the Simurgh but the birds could not travel that far.

In the story i think the message is that whenever you want something go and chase for it because all the birds traveled very far just to find the Simurgh.

Some cultural things i noticed was that the word “Simurg” is thirty in the old Persian and the murg-bird

Post #3: News Article


In the article “Iran Lives on This app” it is about an app called Telegram. It says that Telegram can be used for many things like news reports, you can discuss many different things as well and you can communicate with family and friends. The problem in this article is that the app is going to be banned due to inappropriate ways the app is being used. I think banning the app will have great impact on the country because the app is very useful to many people. So taking away the app would lead people to not having any sort of communication.

Post #2: Background Information

Population: 80.26

Most people live in the Capital city Tehran.

Tehran is the capital and the population is 15 million.

Mashhad is another major city where they have very historic looking buildings

They mostly speak in Persian.

Sunni¬†and Shi’i are the two largest religions of Islam in iran.


Post #1: Introduction

I chose Iran as my country.

I chose this country because i thought it would be interesting to learn about because i dont know anything about that country.

Different things they do, the culture, the people, and other things.

One question i have is what is there culture like.

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