Blog #5 (Goodreads Recommendations)

I didn’t have an account before this, I think that this website is a good way to find new books to read. It’s also something I can go to, to get book recommendations. I think now that I’ve rated 20 books it can recommend books that I’ll like to read, and a lot of the books are books that I have been wanting to read. I think a goal I would like to set is like 10 books this year which doesn’t sound like a lot but I don’t read books that much so that seems like a good goal to have.

Final Book response (I am Malala)

I read I am Malala, I thought that the book was pretty interesting. I thought that it was cool that she wrote a book about her life, I really liked what she was standing up for and how passionate she was about girls education. The book was good but it was really hard for me to get into, like I couldn’t read it for long periods of time because I wouldn’t be interested in it. I think what made me sad was how the Taliban was trying to change everything and how they shot Malala. I think just the Taliban made me angry because they would like publicly whip people if they didn’t follow their rules, there wasn’t really anything that stuck to me that much. I feel like I understand how far someone will go to get an education and that I should appreciate the education that I have. I think I would recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in learning about someone else’s life and I think that it should be a book that teens read so they can gain a different perspective to the way other countries are.


Book show and tell

The forest of hands and teeth is about a girl named Mary, and she lives in a village surrounded by fences. Those fences protect her and the village form the unconsecrated, which are zombies. Both of Mary’s parents were lost to the unconsecrated so she and her brother Jed are very upset about it. Jed blames Mary and kicks her out which leads her to joining the sisterhood which is like the government. The sisterhood are basically in charge of the entire village and they are very religious so if you don’t practice what they preach then they throw you over the fence. She joins the sisterhood but then ends up leaving cause someone wants to marry her, Harry is the guy that wants to marry her but shes in love with his brother. Harry and Mary do end up getting married or are in the process of getting married when the village is attacked, this cause a breach in the fence and the unconsecrated end up getting through. Marry and Harry escape and so does Jed, Beth, Travis, Cass, and Jacob. The group then has to find a way to survive in the forest filled with the unconsecrated.

I thought that this book was really good, up until the end. I got really into the book and was reading it like 24/7 and just reading it whenever I could. I loved the story line and I loved how the characters were written, but the end did feel a little rushed to me so that’s what caused me to not like it as much. The end was the only thing that I didn’t like about the book other than that I really enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it to anyone interested in post-apocalyptic books, and books about surviving, romance, and heartache.

Steelheart Finale Project

We choose to do this google presentation because we wanted to have a plate form to present all this information. We also thought that it would be an easy way to showcase all the characters and all the important things that happened in the book. We also thought it would be an easy way that other people can learn about the book, author, and characters, so they can possibly read the book.


Book club response #2

In the book I’m at the part where the Malala is explaining how the Taliban took over and what they did to take over. The Taliban would  burn and destroy and burn all art and historic things. They destroyed statues that had been in swat for years, not only that but they also went and killed a bunch of police officers. I think the message being built is just how the Taliban is getting more and more powerful, and are just changing and enforcing things that have never been enforced before.

I chose to do the scene where one of the leaders in the Taliban had like a radio show and would just talk about what was right and wrong to him, I thought it was important because he influenced the people of Swat follow what he said. One of the other scenes was when Malala got shot which is basically why the whole book was written so that was important, another one was when the earthquake hit Swat and that affected the people of Swat and the other villages surrounding them. That scene was important because they did all they could to help the surrounding villages.

The book highlights when Malala was shot by the Taliban, because she was an activist for girls education. After Malala was shot she moved out of Swat and didn’t go back until 2018, and she said that after she finished college she would be willing to come back. After Malala was shot one of the senior members of the Taliban wrote her letter saying that he “regrets not warning her about the attack” although he didn’t apologize for the act.


Blog Post #3 (book series)

I’m going to be reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer . I wanted to do this series because I like the movies a lot and I’ve been wanting to read the series so this is like the perfect opportunity to read it. The three books that I’m going to be reading is Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I haven’t read any of the books yet but I have seen all the movies several times before. I plan of spending a month reading each book but I don’t know how well that’ll go.

Blog post #2 (Book Club Response #1)

I am currently in the part of the book where Malala is talking about hoe 9/11 affected her and Afghanistan. She also found some children who were sorting through garbage trying to find food or really anything that they could keep. Malala felt bad for these children and asked her father if he could enroll the kids in his school for free, but her father had already given up so many free spots to so many other children. I think in this moment what is driving the story is like what happened during 9/11 cause it caused Malala to be a little bit more interested in politics, and her father had some opinions to what was going on. I think that the message they are trying to built is that these events did really affect so many people all over the world and that Malala would pray to god and ask him to make her perfect so she could help make the world perfect.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for girls education, she is really well known for standing up for women’s rights and for wining a Noble Peace Prize. There are many articles and videos about her and her story, but I think the most important thing is that she created the Malala Fund with her father. Which the website tells her story and where you can donate to support education to girls from all over the world.  Malala basically wrote the book about her life leading up to the day she got shot, she didn’t just write about her life but she wrote about her fathers and mothers. She definitely has experience in the location this book takes place in because it’s where she lived and where she got shot. The United Nations actually named July 12th World Malala day, and  she was the youngest person the receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

I still think that theirs still a lot that we need to know in order to understand fully why she got shot and all. So I think that it’s just going to be more of her telling us about her life and just some important events that happened to her. I do think that we are getting close to the part in the book where she got shot, it can be pretty predictable because in the beginning of the book she kind of goes into what happened to her and she is pretty well known so most people do know what happened to her. 

Blog Post #2 Steelhearts backstory

Alex Evergreen had always been a scrawny kid. Growing up he was the smallest in his class, the last to be picked in dodge ball. The summer of his Junior year he made a promise to himself that he was going to do everything in his power to become the strongest boy in his grade. 

The sound of his alarm woke him up, it was his first day of school. Richard was nervous he didn’t know how people would react, would all the girls fall for him and the football team want to be him? After he was finished getting dressed and ready for school he walked downstairs, where his mother was making breakfast.

“Good Morning honey” said his mom, Connie Heart was a single mom who was trying to give her child the best life she possibly could. “Morning mom” replied Alex.

“Long night?” he questioned her “Yeah, we had a mom go into labor and the doctor on call had no idea what he was doing,” Connie exclaimed, “It was a good thing that some of the other nurses stayed and helped me,” she finished explaining. The two sat and ate breakfast together before ALex had to go make his way back to school, the drive to his school was uneventful but the anxiety that he had was getting worse and all he wanted to do was turn his car back around and spend the day with his mom. But he didn’t. Instead he parked his car and got out of his car and made his way into his school. 

Alex was met with praise and compliments, he had gotten what he wanted, the attention. People that he didn’t even know were greeting him. He didn’t know why he was so nervous in the first place, he had become the talk of the school and everyone liked the new Alex. 

Across town terror had struck, Connie had made her way to the bank to drop off her paycheck, she didn’t have as much free time anymore. She had been working double shifts for the past couple of weeks so that she wouldn’t be behind on paying her bills. She kept their financial struggles a secret from Alex, she didn’t want him to worry she just wanted him to focus on school. Connie was standing in line at the bank waiting for her turn to deposit her checks. Out of nowhere five guys with masks and guns walked in.

“Everybody get down” one of them screamed. Connie knew not to be stupid and followed their directions. She could hear the sirens of the police coming and she had hope that they would come and save the day.

Alex was driving home and when he pulled into his street he noticed that there were three police cars parked in front of his house, he got out of his car and walked up to them.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked

“Son there’s been an accident” one of the cops with the weird mustache said 

“Your mother was at the bank-” another one of the cops said 

Alex had stopped listening. All he could hear was silence. 

“Were sorry to say but your mother passed away in the hospital” the cop farthest from him said. 

All three cops watched him to see what his reaction would be, but Alex didn’t say anything he just nodded and thanked them for coming and telling him. Alex then made his way back into his car and drove off. He never looked back again. 

Three years later 

Alex had left his home, dropped out of school and never returned to the place where his father left him and his mother died. He became almost heartless as some would say. Some of his friends or coworkers would say that he had a heart of steel. Little did he know that, that nickname would stick forever and bring terror to the little city of Chicago.

Blog post #1

I first started reading when I was in like kindergarten. I struggled with reading when I was young because I was still learning how to speak English at the time so I didn’t really like to read that much. Some of my favorite books were just like the Magic Tree house, Dr. Seuss, and the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie books. I like to read in my room or in a place where I can relax, while having some music playing. The books that I like to read today are like fiction, young adult, and sometimes fantasy. I really like to read books that have to deal with like an alternate world, like with zombies or magic. I also like to read some more realistic and relate able books. I don’t really like to read multiple books at once because I feel like I get them mixed up sometimes, so I just like to read one book at a time. Some of my favorite types of books to read are just ones that I like never want to put down, and they like suck me in so I finish it without even noticing.

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