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I am currently in the part of the book where Malala is talking about hoe 9/11 affected her and Afghanistan. She also found some children who were sorting through garbage trying to find food or really anything that they could keep. Malala felt bad for these children and asked her father if he could enroll the kids in his school for free, but her father had already given up so many free spots to so many other children. I think in this moment what is driving the story is like what happened during 9/11 cause it caused Malala to be a little bit more interested in politics, and her father had some opinions to what was going on. I think that the message they are trying to built is that these events did really affect so many people all over the world and that Malala would pray to god and ask him to make her perfect so she could help make the world perfect.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for girls education, she is really well known for standing up for women’s rights and for wining a Noble Peace Prize. There are many articles and videos about her and her story, but I think the most important thing is that she created the Malala Fund with her father. Which the website tells her story and where you can donate to support education to girls from all over the world.  Malala basically wrote the book about her life leading up to the day she got shot, she didn’t just write about her life but she wrote about her fathers and mothers. She definitely has experience in the location this book takes place in because it’s where she lived and where she got shot. The United Nations actually named July 12th World Malala day, and  she was the youngest person the receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

I still think that theirs still a lot that we need to know in order to understand fully why she got shot and all. So I think that it’s just going to be more of her telling us about her life and just some important events that happened to her. I do think that we are getting close to the part in the book where she got shot, it can be pretty predictable because in the beginning of the book she kind of goes into what happened to her and she is pretty well known so most people do know what happened to her. 

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  1. Great discussion here! Thanks for sharing specifics with me!

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