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Oh my gosh!!! I cannot believe the first day of school was last week! It feels like forever ago! We are getting along so well. Maybe a little too well. This week was a little crazy. We just need to calm down and “Learn like a Champion”. Class in the portable is cozy, but at least we get to control the temperature. Outside it is blazing hot, but the school is a freezer! We are just right. Math is hard but we got through it. We are reading an awesome book in class called Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. Poor Holling Hoodhood doesn’t know what to do with his teacher who “hates his guts”. In science we are going to be engineers and create something that will carry 2 cups of water along the blacktop.

Football season is kicking in, and it’s all we talk about! Football this football that, but it’s not a bad thing. It distracts us from thinking about how far away we are to the next holiday. Halloween is still 60 days away!!! We have been learning about world history. Longitude, latitude, what country has the biggest population, where are the deserts in the world, and stuff like that. We are still working on our around the world project. Some of the topics are: Mythical creatures around the world, dogs around the world, waterfalls around the world, and much more. It is really fun. The paragraphs are due on Sunday night. After that we will make either a poster, or a slide show. It’s gonna be so fun. I can’t wait to hear about the world’s secrets from friends on the day of the presentation.

We also do a lot of reading, and sometimes we just can’t pick out the just right book. Some good fantasy ideas are: Wings of Fire, Land Of Stories, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and much much more. If you like historical fiction then I think The War That Saved My Life is just right for you. If you like graphic novels, then read: Amulet, Smile, Ghosts, and more. Not all of these books are in the class library, so go ahead and find your own book that is perfect for you. If there are books you recommend, than you can share in the comments below. Thank you for reading the blog, and have a great day.☺

PS Good luck to the football team you cheer for

Go BYU Cougars and Utah Utes!!!☺☻

By Emma T

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  1. Emma

    You did a great job for our student blog entry. Thanks for providing a great example. I”m glad you like the Wednesday Wars and thanks for the reminder of about our world history project. I especially liked how you added some book suggestions.

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