BAHAHAHAH! My First Deep Thinker

First and foremost, Mr Green I’m sorry for not just sticking with “Deep Thinker #1”. You said we could make our blogs personal and I thought I should just liven up the title a bit:)

Anyways! Onto the reason y’all are here.

 Source: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, By J.K. Rowling. Page 220

Context: Hagrid just got a letter from the Ministry of Magic, regarding the accidental injury of one of his students. Hagrid was completely shattered until Harry, Ron, and Hermione came and visited him.

Quote: “Yer right. I can’ afford to go ter pieces. Gotta pull myself together” (For those who do not understand how Hagrid speaks, he just said, You’re right. I can’t afford to go to pieces. Gotta pull myself together)

This Makes Me Think: I really like how hard working he is. He really has an open mindset and is optimistic. And he’s not going to let one ignorant spoiled brat ruin his chances of ever becoming an amazing Hogwarts teacher!

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