Deep Thinker Blog Post #5

Source: The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner page 172

She’s done what she had to. Hacked her way to the top-lever alert to every officer in the building. It said the ‘perps’ had stolen uniforms and were in the kitchen of the fifty-fourth floor, planting a bomb. In most books I have read, and similarly in most movies I have watched, the main characters are usually trying to avoid killing if at all possible. Death is a very serious thing and in the 3rd book it tells you about the “True death” and it’s even more serious. Some people will fairly argue that if you are killing the “bad guys” it’s sometimes better because they can’t escape from jail or anything like that if they’re dead. This point makes sense to me in some cases but this is nothing like that. Sarah hacked into the system to send an alert to get guards to kill the guards that were on to their hiding location. This text from the book makes me wonder were the lines of justification lie in the sense of murder.

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