How I survive hard things

About 2 years ago something happened to my family that made things very hard for us. To this day it is still effecting us even though it is no longer happening. At first, We were all angry. But you probably wouldn’t have known that just by looking at us. My family did a pretty good job of keeping it to ourselves and trying not to act out around others. Myself, I was also mad, but within a matter of a couple of weeks, maybe even days, I realized that there wasn’t anything I could really do about it. Since I also didn’t really understand too much about the situation, I was able to go back to living a seemingly normal life. My advice for surviving hard things, would be just to thing about what it’s doing to you first and then realize what it’s not doing to you. My personal experience is that, it seems to be that if you can focus on something else it becomes easier over time.

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