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On Not Being Seen

I think that the reason that conor wants to be “seen” means that he wants people to feel bad for him and he wants people to pity him. But the problem when he was being “seen” is that he pushed everyone away and he pushed his best friend away that did see him and talked to him and now she does not want to see him. I feel like conor wants to be punished in this particular situation because he wants to get expelled from school so he can see his mother and this also happened in the book thief. liesel also wanted to be punished but Rosa would not slap her and then she went to Ilsa wanting to be slapped but no one would. I don’t really know why they both did this i can only really make the connection.


Jonny Is Sad

Source:  My life at 12 pm December 11

Quote: “jonny put away your connect set or whatever that is”

Context: jonny can’t put together his connect set because we are in class. this makes jonny sad.

This makes me think: if jonny is sad then i am sad and that is sad and jonny seems pretty sad so i am sad



Update 12:30 Dec 11 : jonny is now happy because he is putting the set together so that makes me happy so now i am happy 🙂

Update 12:31: jonny messed up so now he has to restart.

Update 12:32 :jonny fixed it and now he is smiling again.

Update 12:36 : jonny is making a lot of progress and he is happy.

Update 12:39 : jonny looks puzzled and has no clue what to do.

Update 12:42 : jonny had the bottom assembled now.

Update 12:45 : jonny is using the wrench to tighten the wheels on the back of the bulldozer

Update 12:50 : jonny has not made much progress in the last 5 minutes he looks happy though

Update 12:55 : jonny has made little progress but not much. he looks puzzled.

Update 12:58 : jonny is using a wrench to tighten something on the bulldozer.

Update 1:11 : Mr green just found a piece of the set on the ground and gave it to jonny 🙂

Update Dec 12 12:45 : jonny came to me at lunch and showed me the bulldozer fully built he was really happy and that makes me happy 🙂


Belief – The Second Tale

I feel like to stay true to your beliefs then you have to stick through it in hard times. In the story the parson is just talking all of this trash about the apothecary and told him he could not have the yew tree and all that. But as soon as something bad happens the parson just was willing to give up everything to help save his daughters and the apothecary says no. The parson just expected the guy he was just dissing on for all of the story to help him. He ruined his business and denied him the yew tree for healing. So the apothecary is just in his actions of not saving the parsons daughters.

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There Is Not Always A Good Guy- The First Tale

The monster said that there is not always a good guy and not always a bad guy. like how the witch in the story was not really a murderer.that most people are in between. I feel like this doesn’t make the story a bad story.In real live there is not always a bad guy people are terrible and do bad things everyone does but people also can do incredible things. So most stories are just lying to you by saying only good guys do good things and bad guys do bad things. I think that the monster keeps showing up to help Conor learn a lesson. I am not quite sure what it is yet but i think we will find out soon.


Book review 2.2


What i read: The Giver Lois Lowry 179 pages science fiction and  i would rate it a 4/5 stars

How it starts: The main character is Jonas He lives in a futuristic community where the government basically controls everything. They have curfews and partners are assigned to you and you can’t lie the list goes on Jonas is now 12 and he is going to get his assignment that he will work with the rest of his life

How it gets complicated: At the ceremony Jonas gets called as a giver. they hold all of the memories and uses them to make decisions for the community. They have a whole set of new rules that he has to follow. he no longer can tell what he dreams about he can’t take any medication and he may now lie.

What i liked: I really liked the whole community around the book and i really liked to see how this futreistic reality would play out so i stuck around for the entire book from the first word to the end. I felt like the characters all developed and you could feel a connection with them throughout the book. I also loved baby gabe.

What i disliked: I wish the book was longer because it was kinda a short read. It was also kinda sad to see that they kinda kill people without knowing that they kill people but i guess that is why they have the givers.

Recommendation: I would recommend this to someone who wants a good quick read. i think that most people would enjoy this book it does not swear ( i think) and it is really insightful.

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Deep thinker 2.6

Source: John Flanagan’s sorcerer of the north pg 146

Quote: “he looked at the dog again. She remained alert but the actual words of course, held no meaning for her. she was reacting only to the sound”

Context: They are hearing whispering around them about pain, suffering, death, steel. his dog is looking around trying to locate where the sound is coming from.

This makes me think: This gave me some insights of what will happen later in this section of the book. I think that they will follow the sounds of the words to find people and he will interrogate them. But i think doing this may cost him his disguise and may lead to people knowing he is a ranger. It was also very good in describing what is going on in the dogs mind and how well Will trained her to know commands over the period of the book and it looks like the commands will finally come into play in helping them find out where the sorcerer is.



Deep thinker 2.5

Source: John Flanagan’s sorcerer of the north pg 133

Quote: “he was a man of medium height perhaps thirty years of age will thought— although his receding hairline made it difficult to judge. he was dressed in dark gray scholar’s robe and his mood seemed to match the color of his clothes. he was sallow faced and looked as though he spent the grater part of his time indoors

Context: Will had just checked in his home and he meets the house keeper and the keeper is asking about whence he came and will is making up a story about how he became a jongleur and how he learned to play the mandola.

This makes me think: Even when he could be relaxing he is studying people around him. It is really cool that it shows the rangers mind and how they never stop thinking and studying their surroundings. It also describes the man in such detail that even though i don’t think he will be important to the whole plot of the book it still gives me a good idea of how to imagine the man.



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Deep thinker 2.4

Source: John Flanagan bk 5 sorcerer of the north pg 121

Quote: ” Struck down he was. Healthy as you or me one minute. the next he’s lying close to death, barely breathing eyes wide open but seeing nothing hearing nothing and saying nothing”

Context: At this point Will is going and playing his lute at different taverns and asking questions about a sorcerer and people are worried about his recklessness on talking about the subject. At this particular time Will is talking to gelderris tells him about a man that died all of a sudden.

This makes me think: I like this quote because it is a really good way to introduce how the antagonist for this book is going to be hurting people. It is very clear that something out of the ordinary that this healthy man was all of a sudden killed . So it makes sense that all of the people in that area are scared about the topic.


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How I Survive Hard Things

One of the most difficult things that i have ever gone through was when my dog died. The way that i got through was family and friends helping me through it. I also think that when hard things come you can’t just ignore them you need to power through them. If you can’t survive hard things you are not going to be able to survive in the real world. People are mean and there is a chance that you future boss will be a jerk and give you work till you drop but you just got to be able to push through and be happy.

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Deep Thinker 2.3

Source: John Flanagan’s Sorcerer Of The North bk 5 of the Ranger’s Apprentice series page number 105

Quote: ¨ The armorers made it for us Halt said quietly. we’ve had them working on this for some time now. the steel limbs are amazing. you’ll have a draw weight of almost sixty pounds- not as much as a longbow but quite respectable nevertheless”

Context: They have to go undercover in a city to find out info about sorcery. But people don’t really like to talk to rangers so they have to disguise themselves so that people will talk to them. They can’t take their regular amazing ranger weapons because people will recognize them.

This makes me think: I really like this because it shows how rangers weapons are really good compared to other weapons that people use. and even when they have good weapons custom made they are still far from their regular ranger weapons.


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