I’m a Big Kid Now

This year has been a pretty great year and a pretty shitty year.  I apologize for the language but that is best descriptive word I could find.  The year has been a time of HUGE emotional growth for me.  I have been grappling with OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder for a while and this year I was finally able to have the information and help to acknowledge it and treat it.  My OCD has not taken over my life (thank goodness) but I do get small bursts of anxiety and depression that come with it. That time in my life very hard and emotional but it helped me become a better and healthier person.  I have come out of this year a better person than before and I am so grateful for that.  My family and my friends especially have made this year so much easier and so much more fun and I love them so much for it.

How I feel about to kill a mocking bird

I love this book!  One of my favorite things about it is the little stories that are in it.  The author uses things like that to help describe the place and the way of life in the book.  I love how every word in the book seems important, like it will eventually tie in to the book and make it even better.  I also like how it is shown from Scouts perspective, which gives us an innocent and truthful narrating of the book.  This has become one of my favorite books to read and I will definitely read it again!  I hope that everyone at least semi enjoyed the book!

“Things Have a Way of Settling Down”

I do think that things will settle down but I don’t think that our generation or the generations that experienced this will truly forget it.  We will forever remember how scary and stressful things were.  But I do think that the future generations will not fully realize the impact that it had.  It is just like us and WW2.  We know and understand that it was terrible and scary but we cannot actually comprehended what people felt during the war.  People are honestly going crazy right now and I think things will eventually go back to normal.  One person that I know thinks it is the second coming and another person that I know (they are old)  thinks that there is nothing to even be scared of.  The world right now is this crazy mixed bag of thoughts and emotions but things will get better. 

What Is My Code? “The Limits of Empathy”

One of the reasons that I help people is because I love it when it brightens their day just a little bit. I also do it to kind of show that not all people are bad in the world. There are some good people left!  I feel like everybody enjoys having someone being nice to them.  It always makes a bad day a little bit better.  I do feel like the internet and social media can definitely help people be much less empathetic and kind.  Hiding behind a screen makes people feel safe and like they can say whatever they want.  Unfortunately this leads to people saying dumb and not kind things.  I truly hope that our generation can stop commenting hateful and rude things.  We should all just love each other no matter what.



Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

¨I think I’m beginning to understand why Boo Radley stays shut up in the house all this time…. Its because he wants to stay inside.  Page 227.  

This was a very powerful part of the book for me.  When Jem said that I was completely blown away because it makes sense!  As I was reading the book I was trying to connect the dots and find out way Boo Radley never came outside.  I kept trying to find some sort of deep hidden meaning when really it was very simple.  Boo Radley did not want to come out.  To me it makes sense why he stays inside.  I feel like he is a very liberal  and progressive person, so when he goes outside he cannot bear to hear and see the terrible and racist things that people do.  I sometimes feel the same way.  I will hear somebody saw something sexist or racist and I have to think to myself, Its ok this person will die one day.  The world can stop hearing these things from this person every day.  They are not immortal and neither are their terrible opinions.  It is kind of horrible that I think this but its my way of coping with terrible people. 

¨Harelm¨- Poetry Response

At the beginning of the poem he uses the words a dream deferred.  I feel like this is an interesting choice of words. Defer means to put something off or to have something go askew. I feel like Langston Hughes uses this word to show us that the dream is not dead but changing or being tossed aside or dying.  This part of the poem really struck a nerve with me.  I have many dreams that I have deferred and I have never really thought about how they make me feel until now.  To be truthful they are hard to carry around.  They are the proof of my own failures and trials.  The problem is that I don´t want to let go of them just yet.  I guess I will have to wait and see where they take me.

“Consider Things from His (or Her) Point of View”

I am choosing Mayella Ewell to write about.  People may wonder why Mayella did not just speak up in court and say that it was her father that did this to her and put him in jail.  However it is much more complicated then that.  We can use evidence from the book to see that Mayellas relationship with her father was emotionally, sexually and physically abusive.  In many cases similar to this, the victim is told over and over again that it is their fault that this is happening to them, or that they deserve this.  Unfortunately this creates a way of thinking for the victim that if they told someone that this was happening that the person would either not pay attention, laugh, tell her that she/ he deserves it.  And of course there is also the fear of what the abuser would do to the victim if they found out that they told someone.  There is always a constant fear surrounding the victim.  I feel like this is the case for Mayella Ewell. 

How I’m Dealing With This Coronavirus Stuff

Self quarantine has been a bit of a struggle for me.  Staying in the house with my family this past week has been hell.  I really really thought that being with my family for this long was going to be fun.  I was wrong.  For the past 4 days my family has been arguing with each other for entertainment.  I am not even kidding!  Its like we have our own reality TV show.  Oh me and mu sisters also hook hammocks to very very tall trees and using a very very tall ladder we get into them and swing like crazy until someone falls out and breaks their legs (has not happened but is very likely to happen within the week).  But yeah that is literally all that I have been doing this week.  Happy Corona

Strange Fruit

This poem made me feel a mix of sadness, anger and even happiness.  I am sad and angry that people ever thought that it is ok to treat people that way just because of their skin color.  This poem also makes me happy because of how it may have helped people realize that this treatment of people was terrible and needs to be stopped.  One of my lines in the poem is, “Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees”  Poplar trees are a symbol of death in Greek Mythology.  I feel like this make a powerful metaphor in the poem.  Strange fruit hanging on the tree of death.  It gives the poem the extra emotional feeling that really helps bring the whole poem together in such a powerful way.

poplar trees.

Blind Spots

When Atticus says that Mr. Cunningham is “basically a good man”,  he means that he really is a good person but hate has twisted his mind and created “blind spots”  in his actions.  Mr. Cunningham’s good person side is shown to us in the first chapters of the book.  Atticus describes the Cunningham family as honest and hardworking.  He tells scout of when Mr. Cunningham was in legal trouble and needed Atticus’s help.  Mr. Cunningham told Atticus that he would not be able to pay him money and instead he payed Atticus in little things over an amount of time.  One time the Finches firewood pile became replenished and neatly stacked.  Another time he gave them a bag of dandelion greens for their supper.  Here Mr. Cunningham’s good and honest traits are shown.  However when Atticus was guarding Tom Robinson and the mob came (Mr. Cunningham leading)  a different side was shown.  Hate which created racism which in turn ruins lives, overtook Mr. Cunningham.  He became blind to the things that were right and to his own morals.  Now a person that has hate CHOOSES whether they act on it or not.  Mr. Cunningham is responsible for his actions and punished by the sinking feeling of his own emotions.