My Reading Journey

When I was in kindergarten I was introduced to reading and books.   Learning to read was not super duper hard for me.  My parents would always read to me and my sister before bed so I already knew what the words sounded like I just had to learn how to read them in books.  By first grade I was already starting to love reading.  I would read classic picture books like chika chika boom boom, runaway bunny, puff the magic dragon and others.  I absolutely loved picture books when the illustrations were large and colorful.  In second and third grade I would read Juni B Jones and boxcar children.  Fourth grade was when my love for reading truly began.  I became a super fast and high level reader.  In the middle of Fourth grade I read the Middle school level book, “The Schwa was here”.  My reading speed and level in 5 grade only got faster.  I was reading up to 2 pages of a book per minute. (not sure how many words that is).  Fifth grade and beyond I was so engrossed with reading that as a punishment for not doing my chores my parents would tell me I couldn’t read until I got them finished.  In Eighth grade I got super into classic books like little women and anne of green gables.

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  1. That’s super cool that you’ve been into reading and everything for so long. I also had a pretty high reading level in elementary school.

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