The First Story I Read

I got to read the short story “All Summer in a Day” by, Ray Bradbury.  The main character is a small and pale girl named Margot.  The story is set on Venus most likely in the future.  The beginning starts off with a cluster of schoolchildren crowded around a a window watching it rain.  The children keep talking about how the scientists know something.  They all seem very excited.  It then reveals that the planet Venus has been raining for 7 years and that the rain will stop and the sun will come out for only 2 hours on that day and then it will keep raining for 7 more years.  The little girl Margot who had moved from earth to Venus only 5 years ago and she thinks out loud about the sun which angers the other children because they know that she can remember the sun and they know that she once has endless sun and so that makes them jealous.  They lock her in a closet and then go out to play in the warm sun without her…    

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