Who am I as a Writer

I first started to learn how to write in kindergarten.  I remember having  to write a couple of simple sentences and thinking how my teacher was giving us so much work!  Then about halfway through the year my kindergarten teacher realized that nobody in the class actually knew that you had to put spaces in between your words when you wrote.  I remember that it took me forever to actually remember to space my words.  In second and third grade I really did not like writing.  Both my teachers those years would have us edit and write our paragraphs for class in a really dumb and time consuming way.  It made writing seem like a burden and not something that can be fun.  In fifth and sixth grade I started to enjoy writing a lot more.  I loved writing informational paragraphs but the rest of the different types of paragraphs were still hard for me to write.  My sixth grade teacher always required us to use transition words in our paragraphs which got to be annoying because a paragraph doesn’t always need a transition word.  Seventh and eighth grade helped me get better at writing and really improved my understanding of how to write.  

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