Suspense and Word Choice in a Freewrite

A young women got into her car on a frigid and ragged winter night.  Driving along a quiet street she was surprised to find a large semi truck driving along behind her.  The truck was old.  To old to still be driving.  The rust on the lower sides of the truck looked as though it were dried blood.  At every single bump in the road the mirror would smack against the truck like unto a droopy shutter hitting a house as it tried to deny the persistence of the wind.  Every minute or so the truck would flash its dim yellow lights and sound its loud, guttural horn.  The young women became mildly frightened.  She sped up the small car in an attempt to confirm that the old semi truck was not following her.  However, the truck sped up as well.  Becoming very frightened she coaxed the car to go even faster.  The truck sped up with her as well.  She turned on sharp corners and wove through complicated streets in a futile attempt to lose the rusty semi. Throughout the speeding and turning the truck continued to sound its horn and flash its lights.  The young women pulled up at a small quaint house and sprang out of the door immediately with a small key-chain in hand.  Just as fast the truck pulled up behind her and the drive jumped out of his vehicle with a large double barrel shotgun in hand. The women could see him more clearly now in the moonlight.  He was dressed in an old flannel torn jeans and and old hat that hid his face sufficiently.  She fumbled with her keys at the door.  Finally she banged open the door, threw herself over the doorway and into the room, and slammed and locked the door.  She sprinted to the window to see where he was.  Surprised she saw him not on the path up to the door but instead wrenching her car door open and slamming something with the gun.  She saw him reach in and grab something.  He pulled out a man dressed completely in black holding a glittering knife.  The trucker slammed his body on the man and ripped the knife out of his hands.  The young women ran to her phone and called the police.  As it was later found after the whole ordeal that the trucker was a man in his 50 named Russel.  Russel told the young women that when he was driving behind her at some point he noticed a man in the back seat of her car sit up and raise his knife.  He flashed his lights and sounded his horn and the figure in the back would quickly duck down once again.  The man and the young women became as if father and daughter and both lived happy and full lives.

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