I’m a Big Kid Now

This year has been a pretty great year and a pretty shitty year.  I apologize for the language but that is best descriptive word I could find.  The year has been a time of HUGE emotional growth for me.  I have been grappling with OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder for a while and this year I was finally able to have the information and help to acknowledge it and treat it.  My OCD has not taken over my life (thank goodness) but I do get small bursts of anxiety and depression that come with it. That time in my life very hard and emotional but it helped me become a better and healthier person.  I have come out of this year a better person than before and I am so grateful for that.  My family and my friends especially have made this year so much easier and so much more fun and I love them so much for it.

One thought on “I’m a Big Kid Now”

  1. No one has ever said the word “shitty” on one of my class blogs before. That’s ANOTHER first for you, Venice. Thanks for being full of surprises!

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