Real Courage

For me real courage is moving through life even when life is terrible.  Getting through a hard time is one of the most amazing and courageous things a person can do. Often times we all just want to crawl into our bed and never get back up.  Getting through problems in life is so freakin hard that when someone does it they deserve to feel great for getting though it.  People often view courage as something big and bold and inspiring, but it really does not have to be.  I feel that if everybody started viewing even little things courageous then we could potentially feel good about ourselves even when it the little things.

Inner voice

One thing that I have learned about my inner voice is that I really don’t have one when I read.  When I read all of my brain power and focus goes directly to the words on the page.  That’s part of the reason why I love reading so much, it completely takes me to another world and situation.  However after I am done reading I often contemplate the book by relating it to my real life or trying to understand certain customs or situations in the book.  One thing that I really love to do that also helps with my full understanding of the book is skipping pages of the book.  I usually do this unconsciously but sometimes I will purposely do it.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

When Atticus tells Scout to climb into somebody’s skin and walk around in it ,  he means that Scout should look at things from other peoples point of view. I believe that this advice should be considered and utilized by everyone.  People naturally become self-obsessed and lose the idea of seeing things another way.  Human nature may help us survive but seeing something from another point of view helps us thrive.  It feels good to be understood or even considered.  Imagine what you could do to other peoples emotional health if you took a little bit of time and contemplation and began to understand them.  Think of how many wars would not have been fought or how many lives lost by suicide could have been stopped or saved if someone had just climbed into somebody skin and walked around in it.

What Would I Miss Most?

My life would have been very different from my life today if I was living in the great depression.   My family would not have enough to eat no matter how hard my father worked.  My mother would have stayed home with the children and tried to keep their minds off of their stomachs, while I went to go work in a grimy factory earning only a penny an hour.  My father would have come home angry and tired from his work.  Tired of the depression, tired of the work and even tired of us.  My mother and father would fight over whether it was time for my mother to look for a job to support us.  My fathers pride would be hurt and so he would storm off into the night vowing that no wife of his would ever get a job.  All in all life would not be very good in the great depression.

What Went Wrong?




I think one of the reasons why African Americans did not get equal rights is because of fear.  People created ideas in their heads that made black people seem dangerous and scary.  People crave power over others and unfortunately black people became the slaves and servants to the peoples words and ideas.   The founding document of our country, The Declaration of Independence, states that all men are created equal, yet this powerful phrase was written and yet the people that wrote these words believed that people did not deserve basic human rights just based off of the color of their skin,  their gender or their sexuality.  Unfortunately people are still being oppressed today.  Women make about 75 cents of a dollar that a man makes for the exact same job.  And people that love their same gender and that have other sexuality’s get beaten up and fired from their jobs just because of who they love.  This is a hateful world so it is important to spread as much love and kindness as possible.

A Whole New Year

This year I am really trying to spend more time off my screen and more time in real life.  I feel like I am constantly watching, texting, or playing something and I really don’t want life to pass me by just because I didn’t look up from my screen every once in a while.  I also want to get better at skiing.  This year my goal is to be able to do a double black diamond smoothly and with a little bit of grace (if that’s even possible).  I also really want to go outside more.  When I was little I used to spend so much time outside playing and having fun and now I barely even look outside anymore.  Lately I have been going on more bike rides and just being outside more.  This year I really hope to improve myself as well as the world around me by doing my best and spreading kindness and happiness.

Halfway Gone

I feel like I have been able to read faster while still comprehending well because of the 10 hours of reading in class.  I really used to read all the time but after 7th grade I stopped reading as much.   The reading time in class has helped me remember how much I love reading.  I have been reading a bunch more at home now.  The blog post have been a struggle for me.  I feel like I often don’t do my best work on them.  Its almost like I need a set of instructions to follow when I write.  I’m not very creative.  But all in all I feel like I have definitely improved a ton this year.

The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

The story I enjoyed the most was “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury.  It is about an automated house.  The house stays on a routine even though it is obvious that no one has been there for a while.  We later find out that there was a bombing and the family that lived in the house had died instantly.  The house later catches on fire and desperately try’s to save itself, although its efforts are for nothing.  It burns to the ground.  One thing that I think that the author does well is paint a picture for you in your mind.  The descriptive words and phrases really make the story interesting.  The story has lots of irony because the “futuristic” things in the story are real in this modern day!  The story is almost scary because it shows how fast humans have developed technology in the last 100 years.

The Good Stuff

I am very thankful for my family.  My sisters always know when to cheer me up and honestly its nice to have someone to argue with.  My parents always support me no matter what.  They encourage me to do the things that I want despite what other people say.  And my little brother Jack.   He is the cutest, sweetest, and most evil toddler you will ever meet.  If anything happened to him I don’t know what I would do.  He is truly the light in my world.  I can always count on him to make me laugh.  Another thing I am grateful for is the type of family I am growing up in.  In my family you don’t have to get straight A’s, you just need to do your best.  We always talk through problems and we go to therapy instead of having these problems throughout our lives.  If you come out as gay or something along that line in my family it wouldn’t be a problem.  They would love you and accept you the exact same way if you were straight.  I truly am lucky to be in this family and I am very grateful for it.

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

When I was little, life did not seem as complicated.  I would go to school, play outside for the rest of the day and then go to bed.  My life was easy.  However, now my life is so hectic and chaotic that I really don’t have many pure happiness moments as I did.  School is a HUGE stresser for me.  The social, mental and physical aspects of school are very time consuming and stressful.  School has forced me to grow up in ways that I was not ready to grow up.  I stopped playing outside, playing with barbies and other things like that because I didn’t have the time.  When I did have time I was to emotionally overloaded that the only thing that made me feel nothing was t.v.   As my body was changing to a teenagers natural sleep schedule (going to bed later and waking up later)  I was having a hard time waking up in the morning to go to school.  Even though I was consistently going to bed at around 10:00-10:30 I was still exhausted because my body needed more sleep.  Not having enough hours to sleep was affecting my physical and mental state.  I had a very hard time focusing in class and running in PE.  School was hard for me in other ways to.  During class I would have unforgiving teachers that would yell at you if you “back-talked”  when really you were only respectfully questioning something that they did.  With some teachers it seemed like they thrived on being able to have power over us.  They don’t see you as equals which is very damaging to a child’s education.  In PE I couldn’t show my shoulders or belly for fear that the boys would not be able to control themselves, thus sexualizing  women and making us into objects that should bend to the rules of a man.  Even having the fear of being dress coded in the halls or a class is a constant worry or stresser.  The unfairness of it all hits a peak when you see the boys don’t even have to wear shirts in PE and they can wear tank tops to school.  School may claim that they are trying to enforce “professional dress”  but then why are we allowed to wear jeans to school?  Jeans are not very “professional”.