Technology: Friend or Foe?

I personally think that we could do better without certain technology and that we should learn how to handle that technology.  I can see how these brain disorders affect our real life.  People watch YouTube instead of hanging out with friends.  They never want to socialize or do anything.  This can lead to depression and other disorders which can lead to suicide.  Its pretty awful that parents let their baby’s watch TV.  This can lead to ADHD and problems with learning in the future.  Unfortunately this is the new norm in society.  Things like the Truman Show Delusion result in paranoia depression.  I think that technology plays key roles in our lives but I also think that we could live without a lot of the social media and some other things in our lives.  I think human interaction is important to live a full and happy life and I think that some parts of the internet is holding us back from that. 

“Free! Body and soul free!”

One thing that makes me feel trapped is repetition.  When my life is the same thing over and over with nothing out of the ordinary I begin to feel trapped.  I feel like this is how my life will forever be and that everything is going to stay the same.  During the school year this happens a lot.  I wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, do homework and then go to bed.  If I do not force myself to change somethings or try something new, then I get that feeling of being trapped.  However if I have no repetition in my life then then things feel chaotic and stressful.  I need an good balance of chaos and repetition in my life.  When this happens I feel that I can now get better in things and that if I fail every once in a while then everything will be OK and my life will not fall apart.

What I’ve been reading.

Lately this year during class I have been reading a bunch of dystopian books. I love books that have bombs and threats and politics in them. One of the reasons I love reading that genre of books is because I love to compare the stories to real life. I think it’s crazy how just one wrong turn and our whole nation could become something crazy and dysfunctional. But it’s also kind of crazy because sometimes what is happening in the book is also happening in real life. ( mostly on a much less freakier level though). I am also super into older type books this year. I LOVE The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck.  The story is literally about the person from teenage years to death. It goes through the trials and obstacles but also the best and happiest things in his life. It’s set in China around the turn of the century do his experiences are very different from ours but all in all in the very root of what is happening to him we can relate and compare ourselves with him.

What am I doing right and what can I still do better.

Since school has started I’ve been staying on top of homework really well.  Every time something needs improvement I try and improve and I fix it.  This year though I could really get better at listening to directions and paying attention in class more.  I think that doing that will help me understand English better.  Lately I have been trying to set aside more time at home to read or do homework.  I have also been trying to read more and get better at reading comprehension.  Last year I had a hard time turning things in on time and getting points from them.  This year I want to stay on top of all my assignments and hopefully English will stay stress free.  I really also want to get better and creative writing and making summery’s.  I need to get better at organizing my essays and making things clear in my essay.