Word Nerds 2.5


Word: Apartheid

Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime, Page 2

Author: Trevor Noah

“I was born during Aparthied.”

Definition: (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.

In my own words: segregation

Word Nerds 2.4


Word: Asphyxiate

Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime, Page 77

Author: Trevor Noah

“If you were a Zulu, the Xhosa would have no mercy and would Asphyxiate you”

Definition: kill (someone) by depriving them of air.

In my words: choke someone


Word Nerds 2.3


Word: Angst
Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah Page 69
“I couldn’t help but feel this, angst deep in my stomach”

Definition: an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety
In my words: anxiety

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone


Secrets. Sometimes they hurt people, sometimes they bring envy, and sometimes they are for the better. A time a secret would be okay, is if your life is at stake. Just like the Hubbermans; Max was their secret, their burden to bear. A good secret to keep is something personal. Like your crush. Trying to cover-up something, like murder, or you cheated on your stuffed animal, doing drugs. Those are bad secrets; not okay. Sometimes secrets are better for someone. Like “Hey mom, where do babies come from?” Better to keep that hidden. Or telling your child he’s adopted. That’s hard. So you keep it a secret.

Word Nerds 2.2


Word: Acrimony
From: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

“The Xhosa would use this term acrimoniously
Definition: a rough and bitter manner
In my words: ungrateful spoiled children talking back to their mom because they couldn’t buy a video game.

Word Nerds 2.1


Word: Sparingly

Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime By Trevor Noah on page 47
“I ate my veggie sparingly as a kid.”
Definition: in a restricted or infrequent manner; in small quantities.
In my words: eating less junk food

The Machinations that Wheel Us Together


I think Rudy is going to pull an escape and cheat Death. Or Death is could be messing with us. But I don’t see why he would. Death has no humor only pain and sadness. Knowing the ending to a story can be enjoyable. You can read to that certain point in the book and know what lead up to that and be like: Oh… So that’s how he died. When someone spoiled that Rudy dies (thanks a lot btw) I still want to read and find out what causes that and what leads up to it. And heck, maybe Rudy won’t die and he’ll live to pretend to be Jesse Owens one more time

On Stealing


Liesel is a book snatcher. When she stole The Grave Digger’s Handbook, it was totally fine. No one was going to come back for it. When she steals the hot book from the book burning, that was okay too. No one was going to read it. It was going to sit there and burn. When she tried to steal the book from her teacher, that wasn’t okay. Someone was going to read it eventually. If something is lost, forgotten or obstructed, no one wants it. Or they would have taken better care of it. Just take it.


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Are Books Dangerous?


The Nazi’s were worried about books because they didn’t want people getting ideas of riots or overthrowing leaders. That’s why they were burning books because they knew the Jews would start trying stuff. Books aren’t dangerous, if they’re for your age group. Reading a super violent book for adults as a young kid, you’d lose your innocence and see the world differently. Books can also be liberating. Some books could tell you how you could escape prison, or in a religious sense, you can be free to read The Bible and practice religion.

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Deep Thinker 2


I forgot the sentence word for word but i’ll just explain what happened.
Scat by Carl Hiaasen: Nicks dad was a National Guard and came home early because he was severely hurt. He was on his way to a town in Iraq, when a missile was shot at the jeep Nick’s dad was in, blowing off his arm and infecting him. Nick at the time, was investigating why his teacher wasn’t showing up for school. I chose this because I thought it was good for a deep thinker. This made think: Anything is inevitable. My dad could get in a car accident and lose both his arms or legs. Nick’s dad got lucky he got to come home and be with his family. It made realize how lucky I am to have a dad that isn’t across the world fighting. I’m grateful for him. Even though he hustles me about my grades a lot, I still love him.