Book Review: Hoot

For my second book this term, I read Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. It is another young adult, mystery with 292 pages. I gave this book a 6/10.
It’s about a boy named Roy, who moves to some city in Florida. He’s on the bus looking out the window when he spots a kid running through people’s backyards to get to the forest. He makes a friend who is related with the boy Roy saw earlier. Beatrice, (the girl) takes Roy to the boy’s camp to find out what he was doing. Turns out, he was trying to save some burrowing owls who inherit part of the forest where there was going to be a new pancake house built killing the owls that live there.

I liked the rivalry of Roy and the boy, always making funny jokes about each other and how they became friends in the end. The author made different twists that made you think: is this book going to have a happy ending? I hate the movie they made; I watched it, it was terrible. I hated the boy too. He was always making sassy comments every time Roy had a good idea. I recommend this book to people like me – obsessed with this author, likes mysteries.

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