What Power Do Words Have?

Yes, words have a lot of power. Words can accomplish so much. They give stories to read, poetry, they get your mom to get that game you really wanted that just came out. However, some words aren’t so cool. Affecting what you say and the outcomes of certain things. You can choose to use one word or you can use a smart synonym to accomplish more, or you can use fowl language to replace certain words and accomplish less. Words are powerful because, they can can inspire us, they can make us sad, or they can make laugh. Words have power.

2 thoughts on “What Power Do Words Have?

  1. I like how you said words can give inspiration. it’s so true! because it can help lift others if people are going through rocky times. it can help people feel good and give advice and answer questions that people have. I also noticed that you said it can give reasoning. i agree because if you have reasons as to why you want something and they make sense you may get them. and can help you to make claims and etc..

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