Best Book I’ve Ever Read


The best book I have ever read was Scat, by Carl Hiaasen. The book is about a kid who lives in Florida who adores panthers and has always lived to see one. A kid in his class, Duane Scrod jr. Got into a fight with the meanest teacher in the school, Mrs. Starch. Mrs. Starch takes the kids to Black Water Swamp for a field trip. Duane doesn’t show up. And a forest fire starts. Mrs. Starch goes missing after going back in to get a girl’s inhaler. Nick and Marta (main characters), go to her house to figure out where she might have gone.

What’s with Stories?


Humans have always been reading or telling stories ever since we can remember. People have been writing stories to entertain everyone who listens/reads to get money, attention, affection, vanity, money, etc. Or if they are humble, they’d write books only to entertain, I dunno. Stories are important because we can keep track of history and create more stories out of them. Which means: more money, more money, more vanity, more fame, more mansions you don’t use or need, new expensive cars that kill the environment. I’m kidding. We use stories to shape our lives because they inspire us to be authors and create more stories, and more kids will be authors create more stories.