How I Survive Hard Things

I’ve never had a bad bad thing happen to me. I’ve not been beaten, I’ve not been raped, and I’ve not lost my family because we’re Jewish. No. The worst thing that’s ever happened to me is when a seagull attacked my sister’s head because it thought my sister’s hair was a nest. I’m not saying nothing bad will ever happen to me. I’m just saying I have nothing to write about because my life is uneventful. Except maybe I could write about the time I got stuck in a mall. It was the scariest experience of my life. You’ve probably been lost at Disney world or somewhere bigger and been scarred. Now, we can just call our mom and dad and tell them where we are and they can come find us. But this was before. The key is to be calm. You probably feel like breaking down. I know, it just gets so hard sometimes, be calm. That’s from a song. It’s right though you feel like meltingĀ  but just be calm and think about how you’re gonna get through this.

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