The Book Thief Movie Review

This movie was terrible and I hate it. There is nothing good about the film except Rudy. Rudy carried the movie. Rudy was the only good character. The rest were and are terrible actors.

The movie did everything poorly. Everything moves fast in the film. It went from Liesel meeting Rudy, to Liesel writing letters to her mom. And Max, he isn’t a fist fighter in the film. And all the characters are not what I expected. Hans seems old, Rosa seems too tall. I thought she would be shorter. I thought “wardrobe” meant short and fat. Not tall and skinny like Hans.

There are barely any ways the film is like the book. Rudy’s personality, Hans and Liesel’s relation ship, Max being a Jew, Death narrates the film, etc. But the negatives still outweigh the positives by a lot. I could make a better movie. Even if it was worse, I’d still get mostly everything right about the film.

There are too many ways the film is not like the movie. Literally everything but the things I just said.

What I thought overall, I thought it was very inaccurate and they should get rid of it or remake it because it is utter garbage.

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  1. Haha, I honestly didn’t like Rudy in this movie, I wish he had looked older and everything. I agree, they should remake it, but I think people would hate that even more.

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